FFXIV Sohr Khai: How To Unlock + Boss Mechanics

Sohr Khai Exterior in FFXIV

The Level 60 dungeon Sohr Khai can be unlocked by accepting the Level 60 Main Scenario Quest “Winning Over the Wyrm” from Alphinaud in The Dravanian Forelands (X:16.7, Y:23.3).

However since this quest is part of the Main Scenario Questline for patch 3.3 of the Heavensward expansion, you’ll need to finish every MSQ leading up to it before it becomes available.

Step-by-Step Unlock Guide

Sohr Khai’s Entrance in The Churning Mists / Final Fantasy XIV
Sohr Khai’s Entrance in The Churning Mists
  1. Accept the Level 60 MSQ “Winning Over the Wyrm” from Alphinaud in The Dravanian Forelands (X:16.7, Y:23.3).
  2. Meet Aymeric and Alphinaud outside Moghome in The Churning Mists (X:27.3, Y:34.6).
  3. Travel to Zenith in The Churning Mists (X:7.3, Y:26.8).
  4. Speak with the Impervious Wyvern at the base of Zenith in The Churning Mists (X:7.7, Y:27.8).

Detailed Unlocking Guide

To begin unlocking Sohr Khai, you must first catch up with every Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) leading up to “Winning Over the Wyrm”.

This includes every MSQ from the A Realm Reborn expansion and every MSQ in the Heavensward until patch 3.3.

Once you’ve finished the required quests, head to The Dravanian Forelands (X:16.7, Y:23.3) and speak with Alphinaud.

Alphinaud’s map location in The Dravanian Forelands / FFXIV
Alphinaud’s map location in The Dravanian Forelands

At this point in the story, The Holy See of Ishgard is seeking the help of the great wyrm Hraesvelgr to have any chance of stopping his brother, Nidhogg, from launching another attack on Ishgard.

Despite not getting the blessing of the great wyrm’s daughter, Vidofnir, Aymeric still believes talking to Hraesvelgr again is worth the try.

Meet Aymeric and Alphinaud in The Churning Mists (X:27.3, Y:34.6) to continue. In the brief cutscene that follows, your trio will encounter the moogle Moghan while overlooking your destination.

Afterward, head to The Churning Mists (X:7.3, Y:26.8) to call upon the great wyrm.

Aymeric’s map location in The Churning Mists / Final Fantasy XIV
Aymeric’s map location in The Churning Mists

The next cutscene begins with Hraesvelgr arriving in Zenith.

Despite an impassioned discussion about the future of man and dragon, Hraesvelgr would not change his stance.

Fortunately, the appearance of Midgardsormr (Hraesvelgr’s sire) opens his mind to helping mankind against his brother.

However, the great wyrm will test your strength first before making his decision.

Make your way back to the base of Zenith at The Churning Mists (X:7.7, Y:27.8) and speak with the Impervious Wyvern. After doing so, Sohr Khai will be unlocked.

This dungeon requires at least a Level 60 Disciple of War or Magic and an average item level of 200 to enter.

Sohr Khai is easy to solo with a high-level job, but you’ll need to do it while synced if you encounter this dungeon in duty roulettes.

Let’s go through each of the bosses and their mechanics below:

Boss #1: Chieftain Moglin

Moglin, Chieftain of the Moogles / FFXIV
Moglin, Chieftain of the Moogles


The boss will summon multiple moogles throughout the fight. Focus on destroying “Captain Mogsun” before any other minions and keep their bodies out of the boss’ resurrection circles.

Boss Skills

  • 1000-kuponze Charge: A cleaving tankbuster on the primary target. Face the boss away from the party while healing through the attack.
  • Demoniacal Mogcane: The boss will throw his staff on a random spot in the arena. After some time, this cane will use a non-telegraphed cross-shaped attack that applies a stacking “Vulnerability Up” debuff to anyone hit. Have the tank pull the boss away from the cane.
  • Invincibility Tether: The boss will tether to “Captain Mogsun” and gain an “Invincibility” buff. Always focus on killing “Captain Mogsun” first to remove this buff.
  • Pom Praise: Raises the incapacitated moogles through purple resurrection circles and gives them a stacking “HP Boost” buff with every raise. Push the moogles out of the circles using normal AoEs. One hit is enough to push a moogle away from the resurrection circle.
  • Pom Holy: A room-wide AoE attack. Mitigate and heal through the damage.


Name Skill
Captain Mogsun Spinning Mogshield: A point-blank AoE attack around the captain that stuns any player it hits.
Pomguard Pomcrier March of the Moogles: This skill will continuously buff the moogles with a “Damage Up.” This buff can stack up to 16.
Pomguard Pomfryer Pom Flare: A large AoE attack that can cover most of the room. Drag the pomfryer to the edge of the arena to give your party more space to dodge.
Pomguard Pomfluffer Pom Cure: Heals the boss for around 6000 HP.
Pomguard Pompincher Poison Needle: Applies a 30-second “Poison” debuff on the primary target. This debuff can be dispelled.
Pomguard Pompiercer Moogle Eye Shot: A regular ranged attack.
Pomguard Pomchopper No notable skill.


10 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics

Name Type Rarity
Berserker’s Bangles Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Panegyrist’s Bangles Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Prophet’s Bangles Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Viking Bangles Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Wrangler’s Bangles Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Berserker’s Leg Guards Feet Dungeon (Green)
Conqueror’s Sandals Feet Dungeon (Green)
Panegyrist’s Sandals Feet Dungeon (Green)
Prophet’s Sandals Feet Dungeon (Green)
Subjugator’s Sandals Feet Dungeon (Green)
Viking Leg Guards Feet Dungeon (Green)
Wrangler’s Boots Feet Dungeon (Green)
Berserker’s Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Panegyrist’s Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Prophet’s Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Viking Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Wrangler’s Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)

Boss #2: Poqhiraj

The Night Pegasus Poqhiraj / Final Fantasy XIV
The Night Pegasus Poqhiraj


This encounter has a long and narrow arena with breakable walls on either side. These walls must be preserved as much as possible to mitigate specific attacks. If a wall breaks, an electrically-charged pool will appear underneath it. Walking into this pool will result in a 12-second “Electrocution” DoT.

  • Rear Hoof: A non-telegraphed cleaving tankbuster on the primary target. Always face the pegasus away from the party.
  • Burning Bright: A non-telegraphed line attack on a random player that can also destroy the walls on both sides of the arena. Tank the boss to the edge of the arena and have the Healer and DPS players stand directly behind the boss to avoid clipping the walls.
  • Touchdown: The boss will periodically fly up and place a proximity-based marker on one side of the arena. Move to the opposite edge to mitigate incoming damage.
  • Gallop: Immediately after “Touchdown,” the boss will cover the entire arena with a wide knockback attack. Standing directly in the middle of this attack will result in a knock-up and a stacking “Vulnerability Up” debuff. Stand on the edge of the AoE next to a wall to avoid the debuff.
  • Cloud Call: The boss will mark a random player and summon a non-targetable “Dark Cloud” mob on top of them after some time. Drop your marker away from the party, preferably next to a destroyed wall.
  • Lightning Bolt (Dark Cloud): A non-telegraphed AoE around the cloud. This attack applies a stacking “Vulnerability Up” debuff to anyone hit.


15 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics

Name Type Rarity
Berserker’s Earrings Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Panegyrist’s Earrings Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Prophet’s Earrings Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Viking Earrings Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Wrangler’s Earrings Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Berserker’s Armguards Hands Dungeon (Green)
Conqueror’s Armguards Hands Dungeon (Green)
Panegyrist’s Armwraps Hands Dungeon (Green)
Prophet’s Armwraps Hands Dungeon (Green)
Subjugator’s Armguards Hands Dungeon (Green)
Viking Armguards Hands Dungeon (Green)
Wrangler’s Gloves Hands Dungeon (Green)
Berserker’s Helm Head Dungeon (Green)
Conqueror’s Turban Head Dungeon (Green)
Panegyrist’s Mask Head Dungeon (Green)
Prophet’s Mask Head Dungeon (Green)
Subjugator’s Turban Head Dungeon (Green)
Viking Helm Head Dungeon (Green)
Wrangler’s Hat Head Dungeon (Green)
Berserker’s Scarf Necklace Dungeon (Green)
Panegyrist’s Scarf Necklace Dungeon (Green)
Prophet’s Scarf Necklace Dungeon (Green)
Viking Scarf Necklace Dungeon (Green)
Wrangler’s Scarf Necklace Dungeon (Green)

Boss #3: Hraesvelgr

The Great Wyrm Hraesvelgr of the First Brood / FFXIV
The Great Wyrm Hraesvelgr of the First Brood


Most of the boss’ attacks apply stacking “Vulnerability Up” debuffs for 60 seconds, so avoid the easy AoEs as much as possible.

  • Wyrmclaw: A red tankbuster marker on the primary target. Use mitigation skills and heal through the damage.
  • Hallowed Wings: One of the boss’ wings will glow and cast an AoE that covers half the arena. Run to the other side before it goes off.
  • Holy Storm: A room-wide AoE attack. Heal through the damage.
  • Hallowed Dive: The boss will fly to one side of the arena and prepare a diving attack down the middle. Meanwhile, circle AoEs will slowly drop on his flanks toward the same direction. Sidestep the initial column AoE, then run back to the middle.
  • Ahk Morn: A 6-hit stack marker on a random player. Stand inside the marker to share incoming damage.
  • Diamond Storm: The floor will turn to solid ice and cause players to slide around. Avoid unnecessary movement.
  • Frigid Drive + Frosted Orb: During “Diamond Storm,” the boss will cast another line attack, followed by multiple ground AoEs. Slide carefully toward the safe spots.
  • Holy Breath: Targeted AoEs on every player. Spread out to avoid overlap.


  • 25 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
  • Hraesvelgr Triple Triad Card (not guaranteed)
Name Type Rarity
Berserker’s Scale Mail Body Dungeon (Green)
Conqueror’s Vest Body Dungeon (Green)
Panegyrist’s Chestwrap Body Dungeon (Green)
Prophet’s Chestwrap Body Dungeon (Green)
Subjugator’s Vest Body Dungeon (Green)
Viking Scale Mail Body Dungeon (Green)
Wrangler’s Jacket Body Dungeon (Green)
Berserker’s Hose Legs Dungeon (Green)
Conqueror’s Brais Legs Dungeon (Green)
Panegyrist’s Culottes Legs Dungeon (Green)
Prophet’s Culottes Legs Dungeon (Green)
Subjugator’s Brais Legs Dungeon (Green)
Viking Hose Legs Dungeon (Green)
Wrangler’s Chaps Legs Dungeon (Green)
Apologies Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll Dungeon (Green)

Extra Treasure Coffers

One of the extra coffers within Sohr Khai / Final Fantasy XIV
One of the extra coffers within Sohr Khai

Apart from the boss rewards, there are four treasure coffers located throughout the dungeon that you can open for more gear rewards:

  • (X:11.6, Y:12.8)
  • (X:12.0, Y:10.7)
  • (X:12.7, Y:12.8)
  • (X:11.0, Y:13.0)

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