How Do You Get The Wolf Pup Minion? (FFXIV)

Close-up screenshot of the Wolf Pup Minion in FFXIV

The adorable Wolf Pup Minion is obtained as a reward from the level 15 Quest “Man’s Best Friend”. This Quest, added in Patch 2.1 of A Realm Reborn, is available to you pretty early in your adventures.

It’s part of a small side quest chain, started in Aleport. It’s very possible you skipped over it, considering the Map full of Quest Markers can be intimidating for even an MMORPG veteran.

Since it’s the second Quest in the chain, you may not have even bothered with the first seeing as it didn’t have great rewards.

Getting Your Wolf Pup

Your first step to acquiring your Wolf Pup Minion is to seek out Skribyld (Western La Noscea – Aleport, X:26 Y:26).

Skribyld stands watch over the harbor in Aleport, prepared to repel any pirates / FFXIV
Skribyld stands watch over the harbor in Aleport, prepared to repel any pirates.

He’ll offer you the beginning Quest at Level 15, called “Like Cats and Dogs”.

Simply put, Skribyld needs an able-bodied Adventurer such as yourself to investigate some smuggling.

Apparently Coeurls have been unnaturally migrating to Vylbrand, causing a turf war between them and the local wild jackals. That’s unfortunate not only for the animals in the region, but for the nearby townsfolk as well.

You’ll head to the gates in pursuit of your primary suspect, R’kontai.

Once they flee and you’ve caught them a second time, you’ll learn the truth.

As with most troubles in La Noscea, the current predicament is of course being caused by pirates. It turns out they planned all along to use the jackals to eliminate the Coeurls – and the evidence of their smuggling.

The equally adorable Coeurl Pup Minion is a secondary reward for your efforts / FFXIV
The equally adorable Coeurl Pup Minion is a secondary reward for your efforts.

With completion of that Quest, you’ll unlock two others:

  • “Man’s Best Friend” which will reward you with your Wolf Pup Minion
  • And “Curiosity Killed the Coeurl” which rewards you with the Coeurl Pup Minion in a rare twofer of Minion acquisition

Both Quests are also Level 15, so you won’t need to come back later either. Simply accept the first quest and be on your way.

You’ll once again be seeking R’kontai, who’s suspected of still harboring local jackals for black market sales.

Luckily for all involved, she isn’t.

What she does have, however, is a starving little wolf pup which she fears the pirates may abscond with.

Search for the starving pup and supply him with a succulent bone. After doing so, the minion will be yours, and he’ll accompany you on all your future adventures!

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