How To Get HM02 Fly in Pokémon Black & White

Speaking with Bianca to get HM02 Fly (Pokémon Black)

You can get HM02 Fly after defeating Clay, the Gym Leader in Driftveil City. After beating the gym, take an immediate left and keep walking until Bianca stops you and asks for a battle.

After defeating Bianca in battle, she’ll give you HM02 Fly.

The HM can be used outside of battle to let you fast travel to any location you’ve previously discovered.

HM02 Fly Location (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: After defeating the Driftveil City Gym, take an immediate left on the available path.

Take an immediate left after leaving the Driftveil City Gym / Pokémon Black/White
Take an immediate left after leaving the Driftveil City Gym.

Step 2: Continue left on this path past the Pokémon Center.

Keep left on the path past the Pokémon Center / Pokémon Black/White
Keep left on the path past the Pokémon Center.

Step 3: Towards the end of the path, Bianca will greet you and challenge you to a battle.

Bianca will challenge you to a battle / Pokémon Black/White
Bianca will challenge you to a battle.

Defeating Bianca shouldn’t be much of a challenge at this point of your journey, as her team is underleveled. If your Pokémon are low health after battling Gym Leader Clay, you may want to heal up at the Pokémon Center before meeting up with Bianca.

Depending on your choice of starter Pokémon, Bianca’s team will vary.

Bianca’s Driftveil City Team

Pokémon Level Typing
Herdier 26 Normal
Pansear / Panpour / Pansage 26 Fire / Water / Grass
Musharna 26 Psychic
Dewott / Servine / Pignite 28 Water / Grass / Fire

Bianca’s strongest Pokémon is her starter, which is at a type disadvantage to the starter you chose.

A Dark-type like Liepard should make quick work of the other Pokémon in Bianca’s party, particularly the Psychic-type Musharna.

Step 4: After defeating Bianca, she’ll give you HM02 Fly.

Bianca gives you HM02 Fly after defeating her / Pokémon Black/White
Bianca gives you HM02 Fly after defeating her.

HM02 Fly Details + Uses

In-game details for HM02 Fly / Pokémon Black/White
In-game details for HM02 Fly.
Fly Move Details
Type Flying
Category Physical
Power 90
Accuracy 95
PP 15

HM02 Fly is a Physical Flying-type move that deals 90 base damage.

When used, the Pokémon will take flight for a turn, and then attack the next turn.

Because it’s a two-part move, the user will remain in the air and dodge most incoming moves the first turn. However, this also allows your opponent to protect itself using a move like Detect, or they could switch to a Pokémon that has strong typing against Flying-type moves.

  • Because of its decent Power level, Fly can be used well in battles against NPCs and gym leaders within the main story.
  • In a competitive setting against a prepared opponent, Fly is much less effective and can easily be defended against.

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