The Lock Capsule + TM95 Snarl in Pokémon Black & White

Mr. Lock NPC in Castelia City (Pokémon Black)

The Lock Capsule is a Key Item that was planned to be used in Pokémon Black & White, but it was never released by Game Freak. It was intended to be unlockable in-game, and by opening the Lock Capsule you would have found TM95 Snarl locked inside.

Unfortunately, since this key item never got officially released by an event, TM95 is unobtainable in the game.

The Lock Capsule can technically be acquired via cheat codes, but it has no functionality and cannot be opened to get TM95.

What Did the Lock Capsule Do?

Originally, the Lock Capsule was intended to become available through a Special Event in HeartGold/SoulSilver, the games that preceded Black/White.

From there, the player would then transfer the Capsule to Black/White via the Relocator and give it to an NPC named Mr. Lock to open.

Mr. Lock can still be found in the game at his home in Castelia City. He is a clown that claims he can open anything. Unfortunately, he never gets the chance to do so.

Mr. Lock claims he can open anything. / Pokemon BW
Mr. Lock claims he can open anything.

Can You Cheat To Get the Lock Capsule?

In-game details for the Lock Capsule. / Pokemon BW
In-game details for the Lock Capsule.

The Lock Capsule can technically be obtained in Black/White by using cheats. There are a few cheat codes that give you all Key Items and add them to your bag, including the Lock Capsule.

But even through cheats, the Lock Capsule still has no functionality.

Mr. Lock won’t recognize that you have the item if you cheat & bring it to him. Instead he repeats the same lines of dialogue regardless whether you possess the Lock Capsule or not.

So even with the All key Items cheat active, the capsule will remain in your bag unusable.

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