Where To Get TM14 Blizzard in Pokémon Black & White

Using Blizzard on Stunfisk in battle (Pokémon Black)

TM14 Blizzard can be bought for 70,000 Pokédollars in the Icirrus City Pokémon Center at the desk where TMs are sold. Icirrus City’s Pokémon Center is located directly north of the city’s entrance.

But to reach Icirrus City, you’ll first need to obtain the Jet Badge from Mistralton City and make your way through Twist Mountain.

In Pokémon Black and White, Poké Marts are no longer a separate building, and are instead included inside Pokémon Centers. The desk selling items can be found to the right of the Center’s entrance.

TM14 Blizzard Location (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Starting at the entrance to Icirrus City, head north as you’re exiting Twist Mountain.

Head North from the Icirrus City entrance. / Pokémon Black and White
Head North from the Icirrus City entrance.

Step 2: Continue north up the staircase in front of you.

Continue north up the stairs. / Pokémon Black and White
Continue north up the stairs.

Step 3: Enter the Pokémon Center located directly to the right of the stairs.

Enter the Pokémon Center. / Pokémon Black and White
Enter the Pokémon Center.

Step 4: Speak to the clerk closest to the entrance to buy TM14 Blizzard.

Buy TM14 Blizzard from the clerk nearest the entrance. / Pokémon Black and White
Buy TM14 Blizzard from the clerk nearest the entrance.

Along with TM14 Blizzard, the clerk also sells the following TMs:

TM Price
TM38 Fire Blast 70,000
TM25 Thunder 70,000

TM14 Blizzard Details + Uses

In-game details for TM14 Blizzard. / Pokémon Black and White
In-game details for TM14 Blizzard.
Blizzard Move Details
Type Ice
Category Special
Power 120
Accuracy 70
PP 5

As a Special Ice-type move, Blizzard is the most powerful Ice-type attack in the game – when it lands.

Unfortunately, the sheer power of the move is buffed by its poor accuracy, which sits at 70%.

But Blizzard’s accuracy is boosted to 100% when used in hail conditions. Because of this upgrade, it is highly recommended to pair Blizzard with the move Hail.

When used together, you’ll be able to land massive hits versus your opponent for as long as the hailstorm lasts.

Many Ice- and Water-types can be taught Blizzard, with some Ice-types learning the move at levels 40-60. If you’ve got 70,000 Pokédollars to spare, you can teach the move to eligible Pokémon without having to wait for them to level up.

Keep in mind that as a Special-type move, Blizzard’s damage is determined by a Pokémon’s Special Attack stat.

  • Kyurem is by-far the best user of the move with a base Special Attack of 170. Kyurem is also an Ice-type, and it learns Blizzard at Level 56.
  • Glaceon’s 130 base Special Attack also makes it a worthy pairing of the move. This Eeveelution will also learn Blizzard at Level 50, even without the TM.

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