Where To Get TM16 Light Screen in Pokémon Black & White

Using Light Screen in battle in Pokémon Black

TM16 Light Screen can be bought for 30,000 Pokédollars in the Nimbasa City Pokémon Center at the desk where TMs are sold. And Nimbasa City’s Pokémon Center is in the southwest corner of the town.

In Pokémon Black and White, Poké Marts are no longer a separate building and are instead included inside Pokémon Centers. The desk selling items is located to right of the Center’s entrance.

You’ll be able to reach Nimbasa City after defeating Gym Leader Burgh in Castelia City. After obtaining your Insect Badge from Burgh, you’ll need to cross the sandstorm on Route 4.

TM16 Light Screen Location

Step 1: Starting at the entrance to Nimbasa City, head north into the city.

Head North from the Nimbasa City entrance / Pokémon Black/White
Head North from the Nimbasa City entrance.

Step 2: Then turn west at the big sign, continuing past the Battle Subway.

Head West past the Battle Subway / Pokémon Black/White
Head West past the Battle Subway.

Step 3: Continue west until reaching the Pokémon Center.

Keep West and enter the Pokémon Center / Pokémon Black/White
Keep West and enter the Pokémon Center.

Step 4: Speak to the clerk closest to the entrance to buy TM16 Light Screen.

Buy TM16 Light Screen from the clerk nearest the entrance / Pokémon Black/White
Buy TM16 Light Screen from the clerk nearest the entrance.

Along with TM16 Light Screen, this same clerk also sells the following TMs:

TM Price
TM20 Safeguard 30,000
TM21 Frustration 10,000
TM27 Return 10,000
TM33 Reflect 30,000
TM73 Thunder Wave 10,000
TM74 Gyro Ball 10,000

Light Screen Details + Uses

In-game details for TM16 Light Screen / Pokémon Black/White
In-game details for TM16 Light Screen.
TM16 Light Screen Move Details
Type Psychic
Category Status
PP 30

Here are some key takeaways regarding Light Screen:

  • Using Light Screen reduces damage from Special Attacks. Damage to the user from Special Attacks is reduced by 50%. Physical Attacks aren’t affected.
  • Light Screen can protect your entire team in Doubles or Triples battles. Special Attack damage is reduced by 30% for each Pokémon in multi-battles.
  • The effects of Light Screen will last 8 turns (increased from 5) if the user is holding the Light Clay item. This ensures longer protection against Special Attacks.
  • Certain battle moves can shatter a Pokémon’s Light Screen. Both Brick Break and Defog will remove Light Screen.
  • Light Screen can be bypassed by the special ability Infiltrator. Pokémon like Litwick can know this ability and attack protected Pokémon directly.

Light Screen is a Psychic-type Status move that provides great assistance in protecting your party from Special Attacks. Even if the user of the move is switched out, Light Screen’s protection will remain for at least 5 turns.

Light Screen is often used in tandem with its sister move Reflect, which protects against Physical Attacks.

With both moves in play, your Pokémon will reduce any incoming damage by 50% (not including Status damage.)

Pokémon that best use Light Screen and Reflect are referred to as ‘Screeners’. Typically, Screeners that have the Prankster ability are more useful in battle, as the ability increases the priority of all Status moves by one.

Unfortunately, only one Pokémon in Black and White can learn both Light Screen and have the Prankster ability – the Grass-type Whimsicott.

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