Where To Get TM29 Psychic in Pokémon Black & White

Standing near TM29 near the beach on Route 13 (Pokémon Black)

You can get TM29 Psychic near a beach on Route 13, which you can access by going north of Undella Town. But before you’re able to reach Undella Town, you must first defeat the Elite Four and Team Plasma.

So this TM is only accessible in the post-game in Black & White.

Also note that TM29 is blocked by a large boulder, so be sure to bring a Pokémon that knows HM04 Strength. But you won’t have to cross any water to reach the TM’s location.

As for the move itself: Psychic has long been the signature attack for Psychic-type Pokémon, as it deals significant damage with perfect Accuracy. It also has a slight chance to lower its target’s Special Defense stat by one stage.

TM29 Psychic Location (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Starting at the Undella Town Pokémon Center, begin walking west and going through the tunnel right next door.

Exit Undella Town through the tunnel to the west / Pokémon Black & White
Exit Undella Town through the tunnel to the west.

Step 2: The tunnel leads to Route 13. Head north on the beach here.

Head north on the beach of Route 13 / Pokémon Black & White
Head north on the beach of Route 13.

Step 3: Northwest of the beach is a small staircase. Climb the stairs and head west.

Climb the stairs and head west / Pokémon Black & White
Climb the stairs and head west.

Step 4: Continue on the path west past the Trainer Tips sign, then head north.

Turn north along the path / Pokémon Black & White
Turn north along the path.

Step 5: Follow the grass path going northwest past the two NPCs.

Follow the grass path northwest / Pokémon Black & White
Follow the grass path northwest.

Step 6: Continue west, climbing down the stairs to the beach.

Climb down the stairs leading to the beach / Pokémon Black & White
Climb down the stairs leading to the beach.

Step 7: Straight across from the beach area is a second larger staircase. Climb up those stairs.

Climb the large staircase / Pokémon Black & White
Climb the large staircase.

Step 8: From the top of those stairs, head north through the tall grass.

Head north through the tall grass / Pokémon Black & White
Head north through the tall grass.

Step 9: Directly ahead is a large boulder.

Use HM04 Strength to push the boulder forward into the hole.

Use Strength to push this boulder / Pokémon Black & White
Use Strength to push this boulder.

Step 10: TM29 Psychic is in a Poké Ball on the ground just beyond the boulder.

TM29 Psychic location / Pokémon Black & White
TM29 Psychic location.

Psychic Details + Uses

In-game details for TM29 Psychic / Pokémon Black & White
In-game details for TM29 Psychic.
TM29 Psychic Details
Type Psychic
Category Special
Power 90
Accuracy 100
PP 10

Psychic is a Special attack that is almost guaranteed to be a part of any Psychic-type Pokémon’s moveset.

Its base Power of 90 is very strong already – and it also hits with perfect Accuracy.

The move even has a very slight (10%) chance of reducing its target’s Special Defense by one stage, making it even more potent.

Tip: Special Defense, like any stat, can be lowered by a total of 6 stages. Below is a chart reflecting these stat changes:

Stage Stat modifier
-1 x0.66
-2 x0.5
-3 x0.4
-4 x0.33
-5 x0.285
-6 x0.25

You’d be lucky to lower your opponent’s Special Defense with Psychic, but the move is powerful enough on its own.

Not to mention a 1/3rd decrease in any stat will definitely be felt over the course of battle.

As for who to teach Psychic to:

Most Psychic-types learn Psychic via level-up in Black & White. So TM29 is best used on a non-Psychic-type in your party with great Special Attack. Some great candidates to consider are:

  • Togekiss
  • Porygon-Z
  • Chandelure
  • Volcarona

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