How To Get TM54 False Swipe in Pokémon Black & White

Inside Professor Juniper's lab in Nuvema Town (Pokémon Black)

You will get TM54 False Swipe from Professor Juniper after you’ve seen 30 different Pokémon in the Unova region. Note that you’ll only need to have seen 30 Pokémon in battle, not caught 30 Pokémon in total.

The Professor can typically be found at her lab in Nuvema Town.

And for the move itself:

False Swipe is a Normal-type attack that deals poor damage at 40 base Power. False Swipe isn’t able to cause its target to faint, as it can only lower its HP to 1. Because of this, the move is frequently used to safely catch wild Pokémon without having to worry about knocking them out.

TM54 False Swipe Location (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Starting at your home in Nuvema Town, head northwest on the dirt path.

Head northwest on the dirt path. / Pokemon BW
Head northwest on the dirt path.

Step 2: Enter Professor Juniper’s lab, which is the building with a red roof directly north of your home.

Enter Professor Juniper’s lab. / Pokemon BW
Enter Professor Juniper’s lab.

Step 3: Speak to Professor Juniper who should be standing in the center of the lab.

Going up to Professor Juniper. / Pokemon BW
Going up to Professor Juniper.

Step 4: Show the Professor your Pokédex with at least 30 different Unova Pokémon in it (seen, not caught). After that, she’ll give you TM54 False Swipe.

Getting TM54 False Swipe from Juniper. / Pokemon BW
Getting TM54 False Swipe from Juniper.

False Swipe Details and Uses

In-game details for TM54 False Swipe. / Pokemon BW
In-game details for TM54 False Swipe.
False Swipe Move Details
Type Normal
Category Physical
Power 40
Accuracy 100
PP 40

As a Normal-type Physical attack, False Swipe is really just useful for helping you whittle down a wild Pokémon’s HP without defeating it.

This move is never used in competitive battles due to its low base Power of 40, and because it can never actually defeat the Pokémon you’re using it against.

That being said, the move is fantastic in helping you catch tougher Pokémon, including legendaries such as Reshiram and Zekrom.

When trying to catch a Pokémon, one of the biggest concerns is accidentally KO’ing the target. Using False Swipe will never cause the target to faint, even if it has 1 HP left. (If you use False Swipe on a target with 1HP, the move will deal no damage).

So keep this attack as a staple to help you lower a wild Pokémon’s HP as much as possible, increasing your odds of a successful catch.

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