Where To Get TM55 Scald in Pokémon Black & White

TM55's location in Cold Storage in Pokémon Black

You’ll find TM55 Scald in the Cold Storage building, which is a facility located in Driftveil City. The TM can be hard to spot, but it’s located on the first patch of ice near the entrance.

Before you can reach Driftveil City you’ll first need to defeat Elesa, the Gym Leader at Nimbasa City.

TM55 Scald Location (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Starting at the entrance to the Driftveil City Pokémon Center, head south through the city.

01-heading-south-from-the-driftveil-city-pokemon-center-pokemon-bw-screenshot.jpg / Pokemon BW

Step 2: Continue south past the city’s Market, which is the large gray building on the left.

02-continuing-south-past-the-driftveil-city-market-center-pokemon-bw-screenshot.jpg / Pokemon BW

Step 3: After passing the Market, keep south past the white fence.

03-keeping-south-past-the-white-fence-pokemon-bw-screenshot.jpg / Pokemon BW

Step 4: Past the white fence is a bridge.

Continue south onto the bridge to reach Cold Storage.

04-continuing-south-on-the-bridge-to-reach-cold-storage-pokemon-bw-screenshot.jpg / Pokemon BW

Step 5: From the end of the bridge, keep walking south past the freight containers.

05-keeping-south-past-the-freight-containers-pokemon-bw-screenshot.jpg / Pokemon BW

Step 6: Continue south past the vending machine on your left and head towards the tall grass.

Keep south past the vending machine towards the tall grass. / Pokemon BW
Keep south past the vending machine towards the tall grass.

Step 7: Follow the road southeast alongside the tall grass and you should see the road turns to the left towards a building with a door at the end.

Enter the Cold Storage building via this door at the end of the road.

Enter Cold Storage at the end of the road. / Pokemon BW
Enter Cold Storage at the end of the road.

Step 8: Upon entering Cold Storage, you’ll see a patch of ice straight ahead.

Slide north on the very far left column of ice here.

Slide north across the ice patch. / Pokemon BW
Slide north across the ice patch.

Step 9: From here, turn and slide east across the ice.

Slide east across the ice patch. / Pokemon BW
Slide east across the ice patch.

Step 10: After stopping at the green freight container, turn and go to the south. TM55 Scald is hidden within a Poké Ball directly ahead on the ground.

TM55 Scald location in the Cold Storage building. / Pokemon BW
TM55 Scald location in the Cold Storage building.

TM55 Scald Details + Uses

In-game details for TM55 Scald. / Pokemon BW
In-game details for TM55 Scald.
Scald Move Details
Type Water
Category Special
Power 80
Accuracy 100
PP 15

Scald is easily one of the most powerful Water-type moves in Black/White. Alongside its 80 base Power, Scald has a high chance (30%) of burning its target.

This move can quickly become a nightmare for your opponent.

Scald’s downside is that there simply aren’t many Water-type Pokémon with strong Special Attack stats.

If you chose Oshawott as your starter, Scald is a solid fit. Other than that, the pickings are slim.

Tip: Scald can only be learned by Panpour via level-up, so grabbing the TM is a must.

Even if there aren’t many great Special Attackers that are eligible to learn Scald, it is still considered overpowered (especially if you’re doing a casual Black/White playthrough) and it’s a great move to teach any Water Pokémon in your party.

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