Where To Get TM58 Sky Drop in Pokémon Black & White

Using Sky Drop in battle in Pokémon Black

TM58 Sky Drop is found at the Airport runway in Mistralton City. It’s specifically located beside the nose of a cargo plane in the Airport’s runway.

But before you’re able to reach Mistralton City, you’ll need to defeat Gym Leader Clay in Driftveil City and also make it through Chargestone Cave.

Sky Drop is a Flying-type move that takes two turns to damage the targeted Pokémon. The first turn lifts both the user and targeted Pokémon in the air. Then, the targeted Pokémon is dropped from the air during the second turn, inflicting damage at 60 base power.

TM58 Sky Drop Location (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Starting at the Mistralton City Pokémon Center, head North on the path.

Head North on the path next to the Pokémon Center / Pokémon Black/White
Head North on the path next to the Pokémon Center.

Step 2: Head left on the path to turn towards the city’s Airport runway.

Take the path left towards the Airport runway / Pokémon Black/White
Take the path left towards the Airport runway.

Step 3: At the entrance of the Airport runway, go down and quickly take a right. You’ll be walking along the lattice fence going east.

Head right alongside the fence / Pokémon Black/White
Head right alongside the fence.

Step 4: At the end of the fence you’ll reach a corner. From here, head south towards the plane.

Head South towards the plane / Pokémon Black/White
Head South towards the plane.

Step 5: TM58 Sky Drop will be found in a Poké Ball below the nose of the plane.

TM58 Sky Drop location / Pokémon Black/White
TM58 Sky Drop location next to the plane.

Sky Drop Details + Uses

In-game details for TM58 Sky Drop / Pokémon Black/White
In-game details for TM58 Sky Drop.
Sky Drop Move Details
Type Flying
Category Physical
Power 60
Accuracy 100
PP 10

TM58 Sky Drop is a Physical Flying-type move that takes two turns before inflicting damage at 60 base power.

  • During the first turn, both the user and the target of the move take flight and cannot deal or receive damage.
  • On the second turn, the target is dropped and damage is inflicted.

Sky Drop is often used in Doubles or Triples battles, as it can remove an opposing Pokémon from a turn of battle and create an advantage. Sky Drop can also be used on an ally to protect them from taking damage for a turn.

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