Where To Get TM74 Gyro Ball in Pokémon Black & White

Using Gyro Ball in Pokémon Black

TM74 Gyro Ball can be bought for 10,000 Pokédollars in the Nimbasa City Pokémon Center at the desk selling TMs.

In Pokémon Black and White, Poké Marts are no longer a separate building. Instead the marts are included inside Pokémon Centers, and the mart desk is located immediately to the right of the Center’s entrance.

You’ll be able to reach Nimbasa City after defeating Gym Leader Burgh in Castelia City. After beating Burgh, you’ll need to cross the sandstorm on Route 4 to reach Nimbasa.

TM74 Gyro Ball Location

Step 1: Starting at the entrance to Nimbasa City, head north into the main city.

Head North from the Nimbasa City entrance / Pokémon Black/White
Head North from the Nimbasa City entrance.

Step 2: Then at the big sign, turn west and continue going past the Battle Subway.

Head West past the Battle Subway / Pokémon Black/White
Head West past the Battle Subway.

Step 3: Continue west until reaching the Pokémon Center.

Keep West and enter the Pokémon Center / Pokémon Black/White
Keep West and enter the Pokémon Center.

Step 4: Speak to the clerk located closest to the entrance to buy TM74 Gyro Ball.

Buy TM74 Gyro Ball from the clerk nearest the entrance / Pokémon Black/White
Buy TM74 Gyro Ball from the clerk nearest the entrance.

Along with TM74 Gyro Ball, this same clerk also sells the following TMs:

TM Price
TM20 Safeguard 30,000
TM21 Frustration 10,000
TM27 Return 10,000
TM33 Reflect 30,000
TM16 Light Screen 30,000
TM73 Thunder Wave 10,000

Gyro Ball Details + Uses

In-game details for TM74 Gyro Ball / Pokémon Black/White
In-game details for TM74 Gyro Ball.
Gyro Ball Move Details
Type Steel
Category Physical
Accuracy 100
PP 5

Gyro Ball is a move that should only be taught to your slow, hard-hitting Pokémon.

If the user is much slower than its target, Gyro Ball can deal significant damage. Here’s the formula used to calculate the attack’s base Power:

Base Power = min(150, (25 * SpeedofTarget ) / (SpeedofUser) +1)

The maximum Power that Gyro Ball can reach is 150, which is significant for a move with perfect accuracy.

Consider teaching the attack to your slowest tank Pokémon and allow them to flourish versus your opponents speedsters.

Pokémon like Ferrothorn are the perfect fit for Gyro Ball. Ferrothorn’s base Speed is 20, almost ensuring that it’ll face-off against quicker opponents.

Golurk is another fantastic choice to teach Gyro Ball, as it features a 55 base Speed stat and a whopping 124 base Attack.

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