Where To Get TM04 Rollout in Pokémon Crystal

The Rollout TM on Route 35 at night (Pokémon Crystal)
TM04 Rollout
# Location Repeatable?
1 Route 35. Southeast of the National Park entrance gate. Traverse the grassy patch on the right and follow that path to find the TM. No

You can find TM04 Rollout lying on the ground on Route 35. To reach the TM you’ll need to head towards the right from the National Park gate guard, then follow a path through some tall grass.

This is the only way to get the Rollout TM in the game.

Note: You can reach Route 35 by exiting Goldenrod City through the northern gate.

Getting TM04 Rollout (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Reach the northern end of Route 35 by heading north out of Goldenrod City.

The route is fairly linear, so just keep going up until you reach the signpost in the screenshot below.

Standing by the signpost on the northern end of Route 35 / Pokémon Crystal
Standing by the signpost on the northern end of Route 35.

Step 2: From the signpost, walk straight to the right and into the tall grass.

Heading toward the tall grass in Route 35 / Pokémon Crystal
Heading toward the tall grass in Route 35.

Step 3: Turn south at the trainer beside a small tree.

Running past a trainer and a small tree / Pokémon Crystal
Running past a trainer and a small tree.

Step 4: Turn west, then north to wrap around the trees and keep going along this path.

Almost at Rollout’s location / Pokémon Crystal
Almost at Rollout’s location.

Step 5: Pick up TM04 Rollout from the ground.

About to pick up the Rollout TM / Pokémon Crystal
About to pick up the Rollout TM.

Rollout Details + Uses

Rollout Move Details
Type Rock
Category Physical
Power 30 – 480 (doubles with consecutive hits)
Accuracy 90%
PP 20 (max.32)

Rollout allows your Pokémon to mount an increasingly powerful offensive thanks to its unique effect: doubling its Power with every consecutive hit.

It starts with 30 and goes up to 480 after the fifth consecutive Rollout.

For comparison, the move with the most base Power – Explosion – only reaches 250. That’s about the same as a 4x Rollout (240).

Tip: Defense Curl has a unique interaction with Rollout, doubling its already high damage. Using Defense Curl between Rollouts doesn’t break your chain.

The move is ideal for tanky Pokémon with high defensive stats and a large HP pool that can endure five turns while Rollout reaches its highest potential.

Even a Pokémon with a mediocre Attack will knock out most foes with one 5x Rollout. That’s doubly true if the Pokémon is a Rock-type, thanks to the same-type bonus (STAB).

Here are some of the critters in Pokémon Crystal who’ll get the most from Rollout:

Pokémon Type Location
Phanpy Ground Routes 45 and 46
Snorlax Normal Vermillion City (Story Event)
Sandshrew Ground Union Cave, Mt. Moon (Morning, Day)
Rhyhorn Ground/Rock Victory Road (Morning, Day)
Onix Rock/Ground Union Cave, Victory Road, Violet City (Trade)

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