Where To Get TM20 Endure in Pokémon Crystal

Finding the Endure TM in Burned Tower's Basement (Pokémon Crystal)
TM20 Endure
# Location Repeatable?
1 Burned Tower. You’ll need to move a boulder in the tower’s basement to reach the TM. No

You can find TM20 Endure inside Ecruteak City’s Burned Tower. It’s in the basement, behind a large boulder that can only be moved with Strength.

To use Strength outside of battle you need to get HM04 at Olivine City, teach it to a Pokémon, and defeat Gym Leader Whitney at Goldenrod City.

And when visiting the Burned Tower for the first time, you’ll need to fight your rival before gaining access to the basement.


How To Open the Basement of the Burned Tower

Before you can get the Endure TM, you need to gain access to the Burned Tower’s basement.

To do this, enter the Burned Tower for the first time and explore it until running into your Rival. You’ll find him by following the path left of the entrance.

Entering the Burned Tower / Pokémon Crystal
Entering the Burned Tower.

This will lead you straight to your rival.

He’ll approach you when you enter their line of sight.

Facing our rival in the Burned Tower / Pokémon Crystal
Facing our rival in the Burned Tower.

His first three Pokémon for this battle are:

Pokémon Level Moves
Haunter 20 Lick, Spite, Mean Look, Curse
Magnemite 18 Tackle, ThunderShock, Supersonic, SonicBoom
Zubat 20 Leech Life, Supersonic, Bite, Confuse Ray

Depending on what starter you picked, he’ll also have one of these Pokémon:

Pokémon Level Moves
Quilava (if you got Chikorita) 22 Ember, Leer, Quick Attack, Smokescreen
Croconaw (if you got Cyndaquil) 22 Water Gun, Leer, Bite, Rage
Bayleef (if you got Totodile) 22 Razor Leaf, Growl, PoisonPowder, Reflect

After defeating your rival in battle, a hole will open below you, and you will fall into the basement.

You’ll meet the Legendary Beasts Entei, Suicune, and Raikou there.

Note: This is also where you’ll find TM20 Endure when your Pokémon can move boulders.

Once you’re done meeting the Legendary Beasts, just find your way out through the nearby ladder.

Exiting the basement of the Burned Tower / Pokémon Crystal
Exiting the basement of the Burned Tower.

The way up and down this ladder will remain open for future visits.

How To Move the Boulder

You may not be able to pick up TM20 Endure the first time you visit the Burned Tower.

Because you’ll first need to swing by Olivine City (west of Ecruteak) and obtain HM04 Strength from a sailor at the Olivine Café, right next to the Pokémon Center.

The way to Olivine Café / Pokémon Crystal
The way to Olivine Café.

Talk to the sailor sitting at the center table to receive HM04 Strength.

Approaching the sailor at Olivine Café that’ll give us HM04 Strength / Pokémon Crystal
Approaching the sailor at Olivine Café that’ll give us HM04 Strength.

Once you have that, you need a Pokémon in your party to learn the move. Some solid options around Olivine City include:

Pokémon Type Location
Krabby Water Fish with Good Rod in Olivine City.
Miltank Normal Routes 38 and 39 (Morning, Day)
Tauros Normal Routes 38 and 39 (Morning, Day)

You also need the Plain Badge given out by Gym Leader Whitney in Goldenrod Gym for your Pokémon to use Strength outside of battle, but that’s a given by this point in the game.

Getting TM20 Endure (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Head to the Burned Tower at the northwestern corner of Ecruteak City.

Standing outside Burned Tower / Pokémon Crystal
Standing outside Burned Tower.

Step 2: Go down to the basement through the hole in the ground immediately to the left after entering the Burned Tower.

Heading down to Burned Tower’s basement / Pokémon Crystal
Heading down to Burned Tower’s basement.

Step 3: In the basement, go towards the right and look for a movable boulder along this path.

Moving through Burned Tower B1F to find TM20 / Pokémon Crystal
Moving through Burned Tower B1F to find TM20.

Follow the path until it turns northward, and you’ll find the boulder blocking the path forward.

Approaching a movable boulder / Pokémon Crystal
Approaching a movable boulder.

Step 4: Use Strength to push the boulder to the far back wall.

Using Strength to move a boulder / Pokémon Crystal
Using Strength to move a boulder.

Push it until it hits the wall to open the way toward the item on the ground.

After clearing the way to TM20 / Pokémon Crystal
After clearing the way to TM20.

Step 5: Pick up TM20 Endure.

Picking up TM20 / Pokémon Crystal
Picking up TM20.

TM20 Endure Details + Uses

Endure Move Details
Type Normal
Category Status
Effect Allows you to survive a lethal blow with 1 HP for this turn.
Accuracy 100%
PP 10 (max. 16)

Endure allows the user to withstand an attack that would normally have depleted their health bar, leaving them at 1 HP.

Although this effect looks mostly defensive at first glance, there’s a way to use it to hit back hard after your opponent’s attack fails to bring you down.

Some moves in Pokémon Crystal become more powerful the less HP the user has. These are:

Move Type Power Effect
Reversal Fighting 20-200 Power increases as HP decreases.
Flail Normal 20-200 Power increases as HP decreases.

By surviving an enemy attack with only 1 remaining HP, you ensure that Reversal and Flail hit the hardest they possibly can.

Other moves get stronger after a powerful enemy attack, such as:

Move Type Power Effect
Counter Fighting 20-200 Deals back 2x the damage of the last successful enemy Physical attack.
Mirror Coat Psychic 20-200 Deals back 2x the damage of the last successful enemy Special attack.

Endure helps make the most of these moves by allowing an enemy to do as much damage as possible without your Pokémon fainting. Then you can hit them back twice as hard.

Another great use for Endure is stalling.

This can help you wait out field effects like Sandstorms and Blizzards or let Poison and multi-turn moves like Wrap wear your enemy down.

Note: Endure can’t be used successfully twice in a row, so you can’t stall non-stop for 10 turns before your PP runs out.

Look for these Pokémon if you want to make the most of Endure:

Pokémon Type Location
Phanpy Ground Routes 45 and 46
Teddiursa Normal Dark Cave (Morning)
Gyarados Water Lake of Rage (Surf, Good Rod, Super Rod)
Machop Fighting Rock Tunnel, Mt Mortar (Morning, Day)

All of these Pokémon can learn both Endure + Reversal or Flail.

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