How To Get TM34 Shock Wave in Pokémon FRLG

Standing outside the Vermilion City Gym in Pokémon FireRed
TM34 Shock Wave
# Location Repeatable?
1 Vermilion City Gym – Reward for beating Gym Leader Lt. Surge No

You will get TM34 Shock Wave as a gift after you beat Gym Leader Lt. Surge in Vermilion City. The city is just south of Route 6, and this is the third Gym you’ll come across in Kanto.

Before you’re able to access the Gym though, you’ll need to obtain HM01 Cut from the S.S. Anne, which is docked at the Vermilion City pier. After that, you can cut down the cuttable tree that’s blocking the entrance to the Gym.

TM34 Shock Wave Location

Step 1: Starting at the Vermilion City Pokémon Center, head south through the city.

Head south through Vermilion City. / Pokemon FRLG
Head south through Vermilion City.

Step 2: Continue south through the city, passing the Poké Mart.

Keep south past the Poké Mart. / Pokemon FRLG
Keep south past the Poké Mart.

Step 3: Just up ahead is the city’s Gym with a small tree blocking the entrance.

Use Cut on the tree to remove it.

Use Cut on this tree blocking the entrance. / Pokemon FRLG
Use Cut on this tree blocking the entrance.

Step 4: After removing the tree, you’ll be able to enter the gym and challenge Lt. Surge.

Outside Vermilion City’s Gym. / Pokemon FRLG
Outside Vermilion City’s Gym.

Step 5: Lt. Surge will give you TM34 Shock Wave after you beat him in battle.

Lt. Surge giving TM34 as a reward / Pokémon FRLG
Lt. Surge giving you TM34 Shock Wave.

TM34 Shock Wave Details + Uses

In-game details for TM34 Shock Wave. / Pokemon FRLG
In-game details for TM34 Shock Wave.
Shock Wave Move Details
Type Electric
Category Special
Power 60
PP 20

As a Special Electric-type move, Shock Wave hits for 60 base damage and almost never misses.

So it’s quite a strong move to have in your arsenal.

This attack can only be avoided by a target in a semi-invulnerable state using the move Dig or Fly.

Shock Wave’s base Power is fairly weak, though. And it doesn’t offer a chance of paralysis like many other Electric moves do.

That said, it can’t be learned via level-up by any Pokémon.

So TM34 is best used on an early-obtained Electric type like Pikachu.

But as you work through the game you might consider replacing Shock Wave with something like Thunderbolt as soon as it becomes available.

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