How To Beat Lorelei + E4 Preparations: Pokémon FRLG Walkthrough Part 16

Battling Lorelai in the Kanto E4 (Pokémon FireRed)

Quick Guide

  1. Lorelei uses mostly Ice/Water Pokémon, so Electric, Fighting, and Rock Types will be effective
  2. Start with a tanky Pokémon that can withstand Lorelei’s Ice Beams and Surfs until she sends out Cloyster
  3. When Lorelei sends out Cloyster, she will use Hail (will damage your Pokémon every turn) and then spam Protect, Safeguard, and Dive to stall
  4. When she’s stalling with Protect and Safeguard, take the opportunity to use moves that buff your key Pokémon. I spammed Double Team with Raichu so I could take her team down with Electric attacks while also being hard to hit
  5. Lorelei will use two or three Full Restores during the fight when her Pokémon get low on HP

Elite Four Preparation

We’re finally at the Indigo Plateau and ready to take on the Elite Four.

Before you walk through the doors to take on your first challenge Lorelei, it’s important to prepare.

In the lobby of the Indigo Plateau building, there’s a shop. Talk to the cashier and buy whatever you can afford.

Buying items before taking on the Elite Four / Pokemon FRLG
Buying items before taking on the Elite Four

Revives, Max Potions, and Full Restores are going to be the most important items.

You’ll probably want about:

  • 5 Revives
  • And then as many Max Potions / Full Restores (your preference) as you can afford

I’d also highly recommend saving your game before taking on the Elite Four. This way, if you lose you can reset your game and save some cash. Of course, this is a little cheaty and has some disadvantages. And if you reset after losing a battle, you won’t keep the XP you earned from the battles you win.

Party Recommendations

We have to take on all four members of the Elite Four back-to-back.

This means we won’t get a chance to stop and swap out our Pokémon between battles.

Because we can’t swap out our Pokémon, we have to build a well-balanced team of strong Pokémon. All four members of the Elite Four have distinct Pokémon types, so we have to build a party with answers to all of them.

Type Recommendations

You don’t need Pokémon of all of these types, but you should have at least one or two moves of all of the following types:

  • Fire (Important for Lorelei)
  • Psychic (Important for Bruno)
  • Water (Important for Bruno and your Rival)
  • Electric (Important for Agatha, Lance, and your Rival)
  • Ice/Dragon (Important for Lance)

It can be hard to build a party with all of the typings covered, and you can get away with substitutions here and there.

However, just know you’re going to come across a lot of various types of Pokémon, so having a nice range of move-types is extremely important for the Elite Four.

Level Recommendations

The Elite Four Pokémon are going to range from Level 50 to Level 66.

So you’ll want your Pokémon to fall somewhere in that range as well.

If you have a really solid party, you can get away with Levels 45-50 Pokémon, but I’d recommend training them up to at least level 55 (or higher).

If you don’t feel like grinding wild Pokémon in Victory Road or using the V.S. Seeker to re-fight trainers, you can always just go ahead and take on the Elite Four a few times to train your Pokémon quickly.

Just remember, you’ll lose a lot of money every single time you’re defeated.

But they can’t take your money if you spend it all (*taps forehead*).

My E4 Party

Alright, so I haven’t talked about my party much throughout this entire guide but I think it’s only fair that I show you what I’ll be taking against the Elite Four:

  • Charizard
  • Dragonite
  • Hypno
  • Snorlax
  • Raichu
  • Gyarados

I chose this party because it’s balanced, and also because I just really like the Pokémon! My only concern with my party is that I have two Flying type Pokémon (Charizard and Gyarados).

A good substitution would be to replace Gyarados with a Dewgong. This way I wouldn’t have two Flying Pokémon, and I’d fill in the Ice shaped hole in my party.

However, I’m attached to my Pokémon so I’m going to make it work!

Lorelei’s Team

Pokémon Level Type
Dewgong 52 Water / Ice
Cloyster 51 Water / Ice
Slowbro 52 Water / Psychic
Jynx 54 Ice / Psychic
Lapras 54 Water / Ice

As you can see, Lorelei uses a lot of Water / Ice Type Pokémon.

This is where some Electric-type moves will come in handy.

Ice is also weak to Fire, but the Water typing will pretty much negate Fire damage. So if you have a Fire type Pokémon, I probably would hold off on using it until you’re up against Jynx.

You’re also going to want to avoid using Dragon type Pokémon because Ice Beam will absolutely destroy them.

Lorelei’s Strategy

Lorelei mostly uses Water/Ice type Pokémon. We can’t really use Fire type Pokémon here because her Water moves will destroy them and negate the damage from their moves.

We can, however, use Rock-type moves against her and save our Fire moves for Jynx.

Lorelei has two main strategies in this battle.

Strategy 1: this is pretty straightforward – using Ice Beam and Surf to one-shot your Pokémon.

Lorelei’s Slowbro using Surf against Raichu / Pokemon FRLG
Lorelei’s Slowbro using Surf against Raichu

You can counter this strategy by using Pokémon that can withstand the bombardment. Try to apply some kind of status effect with these Pokémon so that the rest of your party can stand a chance.

Strategy 2: this involves wearing you down with moves like Hail and Spikes.

Lorelei’s Cloyster using Hail / Pokemon FRLG
Lorelei’s Cloyster using Hail

Hail will do damage to your active Pokémon every single turn that it’s active. After using Hail, Lorelei will have Cloyster use moves like Protect, Safeguard, and Dive to prolong the fight as long as possible.

Lorelei’s Cloyster being protected by Safeguard (preventing it from falling asleep to Snorlax’s Yawn) / Pokemon FRLG
Lorelei’s Cloyster being protected by Safeguard (preventing it from falling asleep to Snorlax’s Yawn)

This strategy makes it hard to apply many status effects, since Safeguard will be up a huge chunk of the time.

With that being said, I still had a lot of success using Yawn with Snorlax and Thunder Wave with my Raichu.

Keep in mind that Lorelei will also use Full Restores on occasion, so you have to be careful when going for the kill. When one of her Pokémon is in or close to the red, there’s a good chance she’ll use a Full Restore.

Lorelei using a Full Restore once Dewgong’s health was low enough / Pokemon FRLG
Lorelei using a Full Restore once Dewgong’s health was low enough

She won’t use one every single time a Pokémon gets low, but if a Pokémon is in the red and she hasn’t used a Full Restore yet, you can be sure she’s about to, so plan accordingly.

Instead of going for the kill shot, take the free turn to use a status move or heal a Pokémon of your own.

How To Beat Lorelei

The good news is that we can take advantage of Lorelei’s stalling. While Lorelei is busy using Safeguard and Protect, you can use moves like Double Team or Swords Dance that raise your own Pokémon’s stats.

For example, Raichu is my Electric-type and deals a lot of damage to all of Lorelei’s Pokémon (except Jinx). Therefore, I want to create an opportunity for my Raichu to put in work.

To do this, I defeat Dewgong and then when Lorelei sends out Cloyster (she usually sends it second or third), I send out my Raichu.

Cloyster is going to spend a few turns using Hail, Protect, and Safeguard. During this time, I’ll spam the move Double Team.

Spamming Double Team against Lorelei while she spams Protect and Safeguard / Pokemon FRLG
Spamming Double Team against Lorelei while she spams Protect and Safeguard

Once my Raichu’s evasiveness is maxed out, I’ll begin my attack.

Now my Raichu can use Super Effective Electric type moves all day while dodging Lorelei’s moves like Muhamed Ali, which pretty much sets us up for victory.

Defeating Lorelei, the first member of the Elite Four / Pokemon FRLG
Defeating Lorelei, the first member of the Elite Four

The only hard part will be dealing with an early Jynx, since switching out would get rid of all of our hard work.

So you’ll have to decide whether it’s worth it to fight Jynx with your Electric-type, or switch to a Fire-type Pokémon.

But once you defeat Lorelei, the back door will open and you can continue to Bruno.

The back door opening after defeating Lorelei, allowing us to continue onto Bruno / Pokemon FRLG
The back door opening after defeating Lorelei, allowing us to continue onto Bruno

Before taking on Bruno, take a look at your party and your items. Decide whether it’s worth it to use items to heal up, or whether you’ll lose against Bruno either way.

If you think you’ll lose, you might as well save your items and your cash, get the battle over with, and try again later.

But if you’re confident in your party then heal up and get ready for the next fight.


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