Pewter City: Pokémon FRLG Walkthrough Part 3

Challenging Brock at the Pewter City Gym (Pokémon FireRed)

Quick Guide

  1. Train up your Pokémon to about Level 12 and then defeat Brock
  2. Talk to Oak’s Aide east of Pewter City to receive the Running Shoes
  3. Carry on moving east to head towards Mt. Moon

Challenging Brock For The Boulder Badge

In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, every major town will have Gyms and Gym Leaders.

Pewter City’s Gym is led by Brock, and defeating him will earn you the Boulder Badge.

Outside of the Pewter City Gym / Pokemon FRLG
Outside of the Pewter City Gym

The Boulder Badge will allow you to use a new move, known as Flash, and also let you progress past Pewter City.

If you try to leave now (Route 3 to the east), you will be stopped by an NPC.

Getting stopped on Route 3 / Pokemon FRLG
Getting stopped on Route 3

Before taking on Brock, though, make sure to heal at the Pokémon Center in town, just in case he wins the battle. You should also stock up on Potions at the Poké Mart to prepare for the battle itself.

Preparing To Fight Brock

I also recommend doing some training before taking on Brock because he has some seriously tough Pokémon:

Brock’s Team
Pokémon Level Type
Geodude 12 Rock, Ground
Onix 14 Rock, Ground

Brock uses Rock (and Ground) Type Pokémon which are weak to Water, Grass, Fighting, and Steel Type moves.

No matter which Starter Pokémon you chose, they will learn a move that’s strong against Brock’s Pokémon. These moves are:

Starter Pokémon Best Move Against Brock Learned At
Charmander Metal Claw Level 13
Squirtle Bubble Level 7
Bulbasaur Vine Whip Level 10

You should train up your starter until they learn the move that will let them hold their own against Brock.

Do note that if you chose Charmander, it will be extremely weak against Brock’s Rock and Ground Type moves. In this case, I highly recommend catching a Mankey on Route 22 and training it until it learns a couple of Fighting Type moves.

Obtaining the Boulder Badge from Brock / Pokemon FRLG
Obtaining the Boulder Badge from Brock

Brock will give you the Boulder Badge, which will let you use Flash (explained later in our walkthrough), and TM 39 Rock Tomb. If you check your TM Case in your bag, you can find Rock Tomb and teach it to Mankey if you want!

Once you have your Boulder Badge, you can head outside of the Gym and check out the other various areas & Pewter City sights & or just continue east onto Route 3.

Hidden Poké Ball Location

In the northwest part of Pewter City, there’s a hidden item!

Walk to the furthest top-left corner right next to the Museum of Science (coming up next!) and walk to the center of the bright patch of grass.

Getting the hidden Poké Ball in Pewter City / Pokemon FRLG
Getting the hidden Poké Ball in Pewter City

Just press A on the empty space and you’ll pick up a hidden Poké Ball. Just make sure to remember this spot next time you play a randomized nuzlocke!

The Pewter Museum Of Science

The Museum Of Science is at the very top of Pewter City. If you talk to one of the NPCs in town, they’ll lead you right to it.

The Pewter City Museum of Science / Pokemon FRLG
The Pewter City Museum of Science

The museum costs 50 Pokédollars to enter, but there’s really nothing in there. I pretty much made you this section to save you some cash!

However, if you’re a lore nerd, you’ll find some pretty interesting exhibits inside. There are some space displays, fossil Pokémon, and overall pretty neat stuff. If you don’t care about that, though, just head east from Pewter and hit Route 3!

Just don’t forget to save your progress.

Getting the Running Shoes

After you defeat Brock and head east, you’ll notice that the first NPC that blocked your path earlier is gone. Instead, there will be a man in a lab coat.

This is one of Professor Oak’s Aides.

Receiving the Running Shoes on Route 3 / Pokemon FRLG
Receiving the Running Shoes on Route 3

Professor Oak’s Aides will appear periodically throughout the game and they almost always have goodies for you.

This specific Aide gives you Running Shoes from your Mom. Once you receive these shoes, you can hold B to run.

Now it’s time to continue east onto Route 3 all the way to Mt. Moon.


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