Lavender Town Pokémon Tower: Pokémon FRLG Walkthrough Part 9

The Purifying Zone in the Pokémon Tower (FireRed)

Quick Guide

  1. Make your way to Lavender Town through the Underground Path or through Saffron City
  2. Head to the Pokémon Tower, walk upstairs, and defeat your Rival on the 2nd Floor
  3. Make your way through Pokémon Tower and defeat three Team Rocket members on the very top floor
  4. Talk to Mr. Fuji in Pokémon Tower, then speak with him again in his home to receive the Poké Flute

Getting To Lavender Town from Celadon

We last left Red and the gang in Team Rocket HQ in Celadon City. We took down Giovanni and received the Silph Scope for our trouble.

Now it’s time to put the Silph Scope to good use.

If you forgot how to get to Lavender Town, you need to head east from Celadon.

You can either take the Underground Path back to Lavender Town or you can travel through the crossing building (as long as you picked up the Tea from Celadon Mansion).

Giving Tea to the Guard in order to cross to Saffron City / Pokemon FRLG
Giving Tea to the Guard in order to cross to Saffron City

It doesn’t really matter which path you choose, just that you make your way back to Lavender Town.

Pokémon Tower Walkthrough

Once you head into Lavender Town, the first thing you’ll notice is the ominous music made famous by creepy pastas across the net.

The second thing you’ll notice is the giant tower on the east side of town.

Standing outside of the Pokémon Tower / Pokemon FRLG
Standing outside of the Pokémon Tower

This is Pokémon Tower and it’s full of Ghost type Pokémon and Psychic / Ghost trainers. Before you enter, I recommend stopping by the Pokémon Center and healing up/setting up a checkpoint.

You should also stop by the Poké Mart and grab a few Revives, Super Potions, Great Balls, and Super Repels.

Pokémon Tower is similar to caves, and you will be running into a lot of Wild Pokémon. The good news is that you’ll catch a few new Pokémon, the bad news is that after you get those new Pokémon the wild ones are still going to harass you.

Pokémon Tower Ground Items

There are many items throughout Pokémon Tower that you can pick up.

Some of them are worth an extra battle or two, while some aren’t. I’ll give you a quick reference chart below so you can keep an eye out as you make your way through each floor.

Pokémon Tower Items Worth Getting
Floor Items
3F Escape Rope
4F Elixir, Awakening, Great Ball
5F Big Mushroom, Cleanse Tag, Nugget
6F X Accuracy, Rare Candy
7F Soothe Bell

Of course, you’ll want to pick up the Rare Candy on the sixth floor. But the Cleanse Tag, Nugget, and Soothe Bell should also be high priorities as you scale Pokémon Tower.

Your Rival Battle

When you first walk up the stairs in Pokémon Tower, you’ll see your Rival standing around. Just attempt to walk by them and they’ll stop you and challenge you to a fight.

Battling our Rival in the Pokémon Tower / Pokemon FRLG
Battling our Rival in the Pokémon Tower

Your Rival’s Pokémon are tougher than ever. Their levels are in the mid 20s, and he has five of them. After beating Giovanni though and making it through the Rocket Hideout, you should be fine.

Rival Team
Pokémon Level
Pidgeotto 25
Growlithe 23
Wartortle / Charmeleon / Ivysaur 25
Exeggcute 22
Kadabra 20

Climbing the Tower & Saving Mr. Fuji

After you defeat your Rival, you should probably hit up the Pokémon Center and then make your way back in the Tower.

Now we can head up the stairs and start our climb.

Pokémon Tower is full of Haunters and Gastlys, which are Ghost Types. This means Normal and Fighting Type moves will not hit. If you have a Pokémon that knows Bite (Wartortle) or any other Dark Type moves, you’ll be sitting pretty.

Pokémon Tower also has many Psychic Type trainers.

Psychic Types are weak against Dark, Bug, and Ghost Type moves. If there’s a phobia for it, Psychic Type Pokémon are weak against it.

Getting through the Tower is pretty straight forward. Just keep making your way across each floor and take every staircase going up when you find them.

Making our way through Pokémon Tower / Pokemon FRLG
Making our way through Pokémon Tower

Don’t worry too much about your Pokémon getting low on HP as you make your way through the Tower.

On the fifth floor, there is a Purified and Protected Zone – just step into it and your Pokémon will be fully healed. You can use this zone as much as you’d like.

Using the Purified and Protected Zone / Pokemon FRLG
Using the Purified and Protected Zone

After you heal up, make your way up the next set of stairs.

Continue through the 6th floor like normal, except when you try to walk up the stairs, you’ll be stopped.

Marowak stopping us from continuing through Pokémon Tower / Pokemon FRLG
Marowak stopping us from continuing through Pokémon Tower

A “Ghost” will appear instead of a wild Pokémon.

Thanks to your Silph Scope, though, the Ghost will turn into a level 30 Marowak. Battle and defeat Marowak like normal. You won’t be able to catch her, so don’t waste any Poké Balls – she’ll just dodge them.

After you defeat Marowak and calm her spirit, head up the stairs.

Here you’ll need to defeat 3 Team Rocket Grunts in a row, so you may need to make a couple trips back to the Purifying Zone.

Battling Team Rocket and rescuing Mr. Fuji / Pokemon FRLG
Battling Team Rocket and rescuing Mr. Fuji

Just be careful of Koffings because they do know Self Destruct and can surprise KO you if you’re not careful.

Getting the Poké Flute

After you defeat the Rocket Grunts, walk up and talk to Mr. Fuji. He’ll thank you for calming down Cubone’s mother, and then take you back to his place.

Make sure to talk to Mr. Fuji again at his house and he’ll hand over a Poké Flute.

Receiving the Poké Flute from Mr. Fuji / Pokemon FRLG
Receiving the Poké Flute from Mr. Fuji

We can use this Poké Flute to get by any sleeping Snorlax we may come across – and we’re going to come across a couple of them!

Once you have the Poké Flute, it’s time to head west from Lavender Town, taking us back to Saffron City. Here we’ll meet with Team Rocket once again.


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