Where To Get the Metronome Held Item in Pokémon HGSS

Encountering a wild Chatot in battle (Pokémon HeartGold)
All Metronome Locations
Location How Often?
1 Goldenrod Game Corner, Celadon Game Corner (1000 Coins) Repeatable
2 Held Item (5% chance) by these wild Pokémon:

  • Kricketot
  • Kricketune
  • Chatot

The best way to acquire a Metronome is by stealing it as a held item. This can appear as a held item on wild Kricketot, Kricketune and Chatot. Although they can only be encountered after you’ve obtained the National Pokédex.

  • Chatot can be found in Sprout Tower, Burned Tower, and Bell Tower while listening to Sinnoh Sound on the Pokégear.
  • Kricketot and Kricketune can be encountered in the Bug-Catching Contest every Thursday and Saturday. Wild Kricketot sometimes also appear in swarms in Viridian Forest.

Below we’ll cover more details on each method you can use to obtain a Metronome in HG/SS.

Obtaining Metronomes

Method 1: Prize from the Game Corner

Metronomes can be obtained as a reward from the Game Corners in HG/SS. You can redeem them for 1000 Coins each.

The Goldenrod Game Corner is the purple building directly above the Goldenrod City Pokémon Center.

The Goldenrod Game Corner, directly above the Pokémon Center / Pokémon HG/SS
The Goldenrod Game Corner, directly above the Pokémon Center.

The Celadon Game Corner is also a purple building that can be found at the center of Celadon City, southwest of the Pokémon Center.

In the English versions, you can only get coins by playing the Voltorb Flip minigame. You are not able to purchase coins for money like in previous Pokémon games.

The redemption clerks for the Goldenrod Game Corner / Pokémon HG/SS
The redemption clerks for the Goldenrod Game Corner.

Due to how difficult it is to obtain Coins, it is not recommended to spend your Game Corner Coins on Metronomes.

Instead you should use them to redeem useful TMs like Thunderbolt or Ice Beam.

Method 2: Held Items from Wild Kricketot, Kricketune & Chatot

This is the preferred method of obtaining Metronomes, but it can only be done after completing the game and unlocking the National Pokédex.

Wild Kricketot, Kricketune and Chatot have a 5% chance of holding a Metronome. You can take their Held Item either by catching them or by using moves like Thief, Trick or Switcheroo.

We recommend farming this item from wild Chatot, since they’re the easiest to encounter outside of swarms.

Wild Chatot can only be found on Thursdays when Sinnoh Sound is playing, and only in these locations:

  • Sprout Tower
  • Burned Tower
  • Bell Tower

DJ Ben will play Sinnoh Sound on the Pokémon Music Channel every Thursday. You can access this using the Radio function on your Pokégear.

DJ Ben plays Sinnoh Sound on Thursdays / Pokémon HG/SS
DJ Ben plays Sinnoh Sound on Thursdays.

Once the radio music is playing in the overworld, you will have a 20% chance of encountering a wild Chatot in the above locations.

Note: The music will reset after every encounter, so you will need to open your Pokégear after every battle.

What Are Metronomes Used For?

The Metronome is a Held Item that increases the damage of moves that are used consecutively. Each successful use of a move will boost the power of the next use by 10%, stacking up to a maximum of 100%.

This bonus will reset when you change moves, switch Pokémon, or if the move fails (from missing or otherwise).

Note: Metronome only counts the first hit from multi-strike moves like Fury Attack or DoubleSlap.

In Gen IV games, Metronome is overshadowed by the Choice Band and Choice Specs in terms of effectiveness, since their 50% damage boost is immediate – unlike the Metronome that requires 5 turns to reach the same strength.

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