How To Get Binding Bands in Pokémon ORAS

Using Binding Band in Battle in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, you can obtain Binding Bands at the Battle Maison’s Exchange Service Corner in exchange for 48 BP. This is the only way to obtain Binding Bands in the game.

But you can get multiple copies from the Exchange Service Corner, so you’re able to get as many Binding Bands as you’d want.

Binding Bands from the BP Shop

Outside the Battle Maison Replica / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Outside the Battle Maison Replica

This requires you to have access to the Battle Maison, which is located at the Battle Resort. It’s the island accessible after you get the S.S. Ticket, which is obtained after completing the Delta Episode.

The Battle Maison is a battle facility like the Battle Tower in other generations.

Winning battles here grant BP or Battle Points, which you can exchange for various items at the Exchange Service Corner, located in the entrance hall.

Exchanging BP for useful items / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Exchanging BP for useful items

Two attendants sell different types of rare items for BP.

The left attendant sells Vitamins, EV training items, and evolution items. The right attendant sells held items used in battle, including Binding Bands.

Here’s a complete list of items offered as prizes by the attendant on the right:

Item Price Item Price
Flame Orb 16 BP Choice Band 48 BP
Toxic Orb 16 BP Choice Scarf 48 BP
Absorb Bulb 32 BP Choice Specs 48 BP
Cell Battery 32 BP Expert Belt 48 BP
Eject Button 32 BP Focus Band 48 BP
Luminous Moss 32 BP Focus Sash 48 BP
Power Herb 32 BP Iron Ball 48 BP
Red Card 32 BP Life Orb 48 BP
Ring Target 32 BP Muscle Band 48 BP
Snowball 32 BP Razor Claw 48 BP
Weakness Policy 32 BP Razor Fang 48 BP
White Herb 32 BP Safety Goggles 48 BP
Air Balloon 48 BP Scope Lens 48 BP
Assault Vest 48 BP Wide Lens 48 BP
Binding Band 48 BP Wise Glasses 48 BP
Bright Powder 48 BP Zone Lens 48 BP

How the Binding Band Works

The Binding Band is a held item that increases the damage caused by the secondary effect of binding moves. These moves deal a flat amount of damage for 4-5 turns that also prevent the target from switching out.

The following moves are classified as binding moves:

Move Type Power Accuracy
Bind Normal 20 85%
Clamp Water 35 85%
Fire Spin Fire 15 85%
Infestation Bug 20 100%
Magma Storm Fire 100 75%
Sand Tomb Ground 35 85%
Whirlpool Water 35 85%
Wrap Normal 15 90%

With the Binding Band, binding moves now deal damage equal to 1/6 (around 16.67%) of the target’s maximum HP at the end of every turn. Without it, the move would only deal 1/8 (12.5%) of the target’s maximum HP.

In competitive battles, the Binding Band sees little to no play.

This is because binding moves are almost never used. Most binding moves have low base power and aren’t even 100% accurate, so it’s tough to justify running them.


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