Where Do You Get EXP Share in Pokémon ORAS?

Swampert in battle using Exp. Share (Pokémon ORAS)

After helping Wally catch Ralts in Petalburg City, you can obtain the EXP Share Key Item in Petalburg Woods. It will be given to you by a Devon scientist when you save him from a Team Magma or Team Aqua grunt, depending on which version you’re playing (Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire).

EXP Share is an item that grants experience points to all Pokémon in your party. Pokémon who didn’t participate in the battle get 50% of the experience. It’s a great item to quickly raise the lower-leveled Pokémon you have in your party.

Getting Your EXP Share in Petalburg Woods

When you first enter Petalburg City, you’ll have to help a trainer named Wally catch his first Pokémon. After doing so, you’ll be free to explore Route 104 and Petalburg Woods.

The Devon scientist that will gift you the EXP Share is in Petalburg Woods. It’s a forest between Petalburg City and Rustboro City, right in the middle of Route 104.

Here’s a step-by-step guide showing the exact location of the Devon scientist that will give you the key item:

Step 1: Start at Petalburg Woods’ south entrance.

Petalburg Woods’ south entrance / Pokémon ORAS
Petalburg Woods’ south entrance

Step 2: Follow the path to the west, then start moving upwards to continue along this path.

Inside Petalburg Woods / Pokémon ORAS
Inside Petalburg Woods

Step 3: Continue following the path to the east.

The Devon scientist is just up ahead / Pokémon ORAS
The Devon scientist is just up ahead

Step 4: Speak to the Devon scientist.

Talking to the Devon scientist / Pokémon ORAS
Talking to the Devon scientist

Step 5: Fight the Team Aqua/Magma Grunt.

The Team Aqua Grunt challenges you to a battle / Pokémon ORAS
The Team Aqua Grunt challenges you to a battle

The Grunt will be using a Level 9 Poochyena to battle you.

Once you beat the Grunt, the Devon scientist will reward you with the EXP Share.

Using the EXP Share

The Devon scientist explains how the key item works / Pokémon ORAS
The Devon scientist explains how the key item works

Like in Pokémon X/Y, the EXP share is a key item in ORAS, unlike in older generations.

It’s automatically turned on by default, but you can also turn it off in your bag.

When turned on, every Pokémon in your party that didn’t battle gains 50% of the experience points earned whenever you:

  • Defeat a Wild Pokémon
  • Defeat a Trainer’s Pokémon
  • Catch a Pokémon

Note that traded Pokémon gain a 50% exp boost that stacks with EXP Share, while fainted Pokémon don’t get any experience at all even with EXP Share.


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