How To Get HM01 Cut in Pokémon ORAS

Using cut to access an item (Pokémon Omega Ruby)

You can obtain HM01 Cut by talking to an NPC in a house to the left of Rustboro City’s Pokémon Center.

While it’s not required to progress through the main story, HM01 Cut allows you to cut down prickly trees that block you from accessing specific locations and items.

But before you can use Cut outside combat you must first defeat Rustboro City’s Gym Leader, Roxanne.


HM01 Cut Location (Step-by-Step)

You can get the HM as soon as you have access to Rustboro City.

Step 1: Start at Rustboro City’s Pokémon Center.

Rustboro City’s Pokémon Center / Pokémon ORAS
Rustboro City’s Pokémon Center

Step 2: Enter the building on the left of the Pokémon Center.

In front of the Cutter’s House / Pokémon ORAS
In front of the Cutter’s House

Step 3: Talk to the man pictured below to obtain HM01 Cut.

The NPC who gives out the HM / Pokémon ORAS
The NPC who gives out the HM

Using HM01 Cut Outside of Combat

The HM Cut isn’t a noteworthy move in combat, but it is helpful outside of battle. It can be used to cut down prickly trees in the wild that block your path.

While the HM can be obtained easily, you can only use it outside of combat after getting the Stone Badge from Roxanne.

If you manage to beat Roxanne, you can now use Cut to access these nearby locations early in the game:

Location 1: East of Route 116

Route 116’s Rest House / Pokémon ORAS
Route 116’s Rest House

By using Cut here, you can fight 2 more trainers for extra experience.

You can also find the following items at the end of the maze:

  • Chesto Berries
  • Super Potion
  • Ether

Location 2: Petalburg Woods

Petalburg Woods’ north exit / Pokémon ORAS
Petalburg Woods’ north exit

By using Cut at this spot, you’ll now have access to the following items:

  • Tiny Mushrooms
  • Miracle Seed
  • Great Ball
  • X Attack
  • Scizorite (after defeating or capturing Groudon/Kyogre)
The Moss Rock East of Petalburg Woods / Pokémon ORAS
The Moss Rock East of Petalburg Woods

You’ll also have access to the Moss Rock. If you level up an Eevee near the Moss Rock, it will evolve into Leafeon.


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