How To Get HM05 Waterfall in Pokémon ORAS

Using Waterfall inside Meteor Falls (Pokémon Omega Ruby)

To obtain HM05 Waterfall, you must defeat the 8th Gym Leader Wallace in Sootopolis City. But when you first arrive in Sootopolis City the Gym will be inaccessible. So you’ll still need to finish the main story taking place in the Cave of Origin first.

Wallace himself will give you HM05 Waterfall after you beat him. So unlike the other Gym Leaders, you’ll be able to use HM05 Waterfall outside of combat immediately.

HM05 Waterfall Location

Gym Leader Wallace / Pokémon ORAS
Gym Leader Wallace

To be able to challenge Wallace for the Rain Badge and HM05, make sure you’ve done both of the following:

  • Obtained all other 7 Gym Badges
  • Finished the story taking place at the Cave of Origin, located in Sootopolis City

Sootopolis is a unique city where it’s entirely built around a giant crater, so its only entry point is through an underwater cave on the crater’s south side.

If you haven’t been to Sootopolis City, here’s how to get to the city and the Gym:

Step 1: Fly to Route 126

A small island on Route 126 / Pokémon ORAS
A small island on Route 126

Step 2: Surf south following the diving spot’s trail

Outside Sootopolis City’s crater / Pokémon ORAS
Outside Sootopolis City’s crater

Step 3: Turn left around the crater

The diving spot that leads to Sootopolis City / Pokémon ORAS
The diving spot that leads to Sootopolis City

Step 4: Dive anywhere around the crater’s south side (marked with an “X” above)

Underwater on Route 126 / Pokémon ORAS
Underwater on Route 126

Step 5: Once you dive, enter the underwater cave

Sootopolis City’s underwater cave / Pokémon ORAS
Sootopolis City’s underwater cave

Step 6: Inside this underwater cave, you’ll want to return to the surface and then head north to find the gym

Sootopolis City’s Gym / Pokémon ORAS
Sootopolis City’s Gym

Using HM05 Waterfall Outside of Combat

Using Waterfall to enter Ever Grande City / Pokémon ORAS
Using Waterfall to enter Ever Grande City

Once you have the HM, teach a Pokémon Waterfall – because you’ll need it to get to Ever Grande City, your next destination.

Ever Grande City is home to Victory Road, your final test before facing Hoenn’s Elite Four.

Waterfall is also a great physical water-type move in battle. If you have a Swampert as your starter, consider having it learn HM05 since it compliments his typing and high base attack.

You also have the option to revisit Meteor Falls and explore deeper into the cave using your newly acquired HM. Here are all the items you can get if you fully explore the newly unlocked areas in Meteor Falls:

Entrance to the new explorable area in Meteor Falls / Pokémon ORAS
Entrance to the new explorable area in Meteor Falls


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