Where To Get Luxury Balls in Pokémon ORAS

Buying Luxury Balls at the Verdanturf Pokemart (Alpha Sapphire)
All Luxury Ball Locations
# Location Repeatable?
1 Fallarbor Town Poké Mart — Purchasable for 1000 Pokédollars each Yes
2 Route 104 — Defeat Rich Boy Winston in a rematch (20% chance) Yes
3 Route 104 — Defeat Lady Cindy in a rematch (20% chance) Yes
4 Mauville City — Under the west tower of the city’s 3rd Floor (Hidden item) No
5 Sea Mauville — Inside a room on the ship’s east side, after getting the Storage Key No

The most reliable way to obtain Luxury Balls is by purchasing them from the Verdanturf Poké Mart for 1000 Pokédollars each.

If you don’t have access to Verdanturf Town yet, you can also obtain Luxury Balls by defeating Rich Boy Winston or Lady Cindy in a rematch. Rematches can be initiated through the Trainer’s Eye function on the PokeNav Plus.

Unfortunately, the chances of receiving a Luxury Ball as a reward for defeating either of them are only 20%. You can find Rich Boy Winston on Route 104’s south side, while Lady Cindy is on Route 104’s north side.

Or lastly, you can pick up a free Luxury Ball in the Storage Room of Sea Mauville and on the 3rd Floor of Mauville City.

Method #1: Verdanturf Town Poké Mart

Verdanturf Poké Mart / Pokemon ORAS
Verdanturf Poké Mart

Verdanturf Town is a small town located in the central-western Hoenn. You can get here by traveling west from Mauville City and Route 117.

The Verdanturf Poké Mart, located right next to the town’s Pokémon Center. This mart is where you can purchase Luxury Balls for 1000 Pokédollars each.

Simply speak to the top clerk at the back of the Mart to buy Luxury Balls, as well as other special Poké Balls such as Heal Balls and Nest Balls.

Top clerk in the Verdanturf Poké Mart / Pokemon ORAS
Top clerk in the Verdanturf Poké Mart

Method #2: Rematch with Rich Boy Winston

Challenging Rich Boy Winston / Pokemon ORAS
Challenging Rich Boy Winston

The AreaNav is a feature of the PokéNav Plus that displays the map of the Hoenn Region. Upon selecting the map, you will see various tabs, including the Trainer’s Eye tab.

This tab allows you to locate specific trainers across Hoenn who are ready for a rematch, indicated by a “Battle Ready” sign next to their profile.

Trainer’s Eye function / Pokemon ORAS
Trainer’s Eye function

When you defeat rematchable trainers, you have a small chance of obtaining an item as a reward.

When you beat Rich Boy Winston in a rematch battle, he has a 20% chance of giving you one Luxury Ball.

Route 104 is split into two parts, north and south, with Petalburg Woods situated between them.

You can access the route from Petalburg City in the south and Rustboro City in the north.

Rich Boy Winston is located on Route 104’s south side near Petalburg Woods’ entrance. Once you find him, initiate the rematch by speaking to him.

Check the Trainer’s Eye tab on Route 104 to see if he’s up for a rematch; if he’s ready, head to Petalburg City to get started.

Step 1: Exit Petalburg City by following the path towards the west. The path will lead you out of the city and towards Route 104’s south side.

Petalburg City / Pokemon ORAS
Petalburg City

Step 2: Once you’re out of Petalburg City, head north towards Petalburg Woods. You can find the entrance to the woods at the end of the path.

Route 104’s south side / Pokemon ORAS
Route 104’s south side

Step 3: As you near the entrance of Petalburg Woods, keep an eye out for Rich Boy Winston – he should be standing directly before the entrance with blonde hair.

Talk to him to start the rematch.

Rich Boy Winston’s exact location / Pokemon ORAS
Rich Boy Winston’s exact location

Method #3: Rematch with Lady Cindy

Challenging Lady Cindy / Pokemon ORAS
Challenging Lady Cindy

Lady Cindy is located on Route 104’s north side near a body of water. Defeating Lady Cindy in a rematch using Trainer’s Eye gives you a 20% chance to obtain a Luxury Ball as well.

Check the Trainer’s Eye tab on Route 104 to see if she’s up for a rematch; if she’s ready, head to Rustboro City to reach her location.

Step 1: Start at the city’s Pokémon Center and head south on the path to the right. This path will lead you out of the city and towards Route 104.

Rustboro City Pokemon Center / Pokemon ORAS
Rustboro City Pokemon Center

Step 2: As you continue on the path, you’ll pass by the Poke Mart. Keep going until you reach the entrance to Route 104’s north side, which you’ll use to exit the city.

Rustboro City’s south exit / Pokemon ORAS
Rustboro City’s south exit

Step 3: Once you’re on Route 104, follow the path heading south.

You’ll eventually come across a bridge that you’ll need to cross.

Route 104’s north side / Pokemon ORAS
Route 104’s north side

Step 4: Once you’ve passed the bridge, turn left and look for Lady Cindy wearing a white hat. Talk to her to begin the rematch.

Lady Cindy’s exact location / Pokemon ORAS
Lady Cindy’s exact location

Methods 4 & 5: Mauville City and Sea Mauville

There are also two Luxury Balls you can find while exploring Hoenn, although these are not super efficient compared to just buying them.

But if you really want to find these locations, here’s a quick rundown of where you can find them:

Mauville City: Go to the third floor of the city and head underneath the west tower. Use your Dowsing Machine to locate the Luxury Ball that’s hidden directly beneath it.

Luxury Ball in Mauville City 3F / Pokemon ORAS
Luxury Ball in Mauville City 3F

Sea Mauville: Once you’ve found the Storage Key, you can access a room on the east side of Sea Mauville. This room is packed with all kinds of items, including a Luxury Ball located in the southwest corner of the room.

Luxury Ball inside Sea Mauville’s Storage Room / Pokemon ORAS
Luxury Ball inside Sea Mauville’s Storage Room

How Do Luxury Balls Work?

Catching a Pokémon with a Luxury Ball / Pokemon ORAS
Catching a Pokémon with a Luxury Ball

When you catch a Pokémon using a Luxury Ball, the Pokémon gains twice as much happiness/friendship as other Pokémon.

Keep in mind that the Luxury Ball has the same catch rate modifier as a regular Pokeball, meaning it’s not more effective at catching Pokémon despite being five times more expensive than a regular Pokeball.

Here’s a table that compares the catch rate modifiers and prices of other frequently-used Pokéballs:

Type of Pokéball Catch Rate Modifier Price
Pokéball 1x 200
Great Ball 1.5x 600
Ultra Ball 2x 1200
Luxury Ball 1x 1000

Tip: It might be worth stocking up on Luxury Balls if you’re planning to let a Pokémon learn Return, a move whose base power is based on how high your Pokémon’s friendship is.

Using a Luxury Ball can also be helpful when trying to catch a Pokémon that evolves based on their level of friendship.

As of the Gen 6, here are all the Pokémon that require a high friendship value to evolve:

Pre-Evolution Evolution
Golbat Crobat
Chansey Blissey
Eevee Espeon
Eevee Umbreon
Pichu Pikachu
Cleffa Clefairy
Igglybuff Jigglypuff
Togepi Togetic
Azurill Marill
Budew Roselia
Buneary Lopunny
Chingling Chimecho
Munchlax Snorlax
Riolu Lucario
Woobat Swoobat
Swadloon Leavanny


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