Where To Get Moon Stones in Pokémon ORAS

Inside Meteor Falls in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
All Moon Stone Locations
# Method Repeatable?
1 Meteor Falls – Overworld item No
2 Secret Super Training – Possible reward for clearing “Drag Down Hydreigon!“ Yes
3 Pickup – Levels 41–100 (10% chance) Yes
4 Inverse Battle Stop – Possible reward for scoring 7-9 (10% chance) Yes
5 Jagged Pass – Defeat Expert Shelby in a rematch (5% chance) Yes
6 Super-Secret Base – Possible gift from Secret Pal Yes
7 Held item from wild Pokémon (5% chance):

  • Lunatone – Meteor Falls (Alpha Sapphire Only)
  • Clefairy – Route 115

There are seven different ways to obtain a Moon Stone in OR/AS. The easiest way to get a Moon Stone is at Meteor Falls, since it’s just an available item in the overworld. If you need multiple Moon Stones, then the most reliable way to obtain them is by finishing a Secret Super-Training stage.

Should you require additional Moon Stones then we’ll cover a list of every possible method you can use to farm Moon Stones in the game.

Method 1 – Meteor Falls (One-time Only)

Obtaining a Moon Stone / Pokémon ORAS
Obtaining a Moon Stone

This method is the easiest way to get a Moon Stone fast – but unlike the other methods, this isn’t repeatable.

You can get access to Meteor Falls shortly after obtaining the 3rd gym badge from Wattson of Mauville City. Meteor Falls is located southwest of Fallarbor Town and south of Route 114.

To get the Moon Stone in Meteor Falls:

Step 1: Start at Route 114’s entrance to Meteor Falls and go inside the falls. Then head left where an old woman is located.

Meteor Falls / Pokémon ORAS
Meteor Falls

Step 2: On the top left side of the screen, you should see an item on the ground.

The Moon Stone is visible at this vantage point / Pokémon ORAS
The Moon Stone is visible at this vantage point

Step 3: Head up the stairs in that area to get a free Moon Stone.

The location of the Moon Stone / Pokémon ORAS
The location of the Moon Stone

Method 2 – Secret Super Training: Drag Down Hydreigon!

Training against a Hydreigon Balloon / Pokémon ORAS
Training against a Hydreigon Balloon

Secret Super Training is a series of mini-games designed for fully-trained Pokémon to obtain rare items. If you complete the stage called “Drag Down Hydreigon!” within the target time, you have the chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • Moon Stone
  • Sun Stone
  • Lemonade
  • PP Up
  • Pretty Wing
  • Stardust

Because Super Training becomes available once Wally captures his Ralts, this method does provide the earliest opportunity to obtain a Moon Stone.

However, it should be noted that fully training a Pokémon’s EVs (Effort Values) may require a bit of time and effort.

If you already have a fully-trained Pokémon and are looking for a Moon Stone, here’s how to unlock the stage which presents it as a reward:

Step 1: Navigate to your PlayNav in the bottom screen. Then, find and click the Super Training screen.

PlayNav / Pokémon ORAS

Step 2: On the Super Training screen, a radar chart displays your Pokémon’s EV distribution. If you see that the meter on the right is filled and a muscle icon appears in the top-left of your screen, it means your Pokémon’s total EVs are fully maxed out at 510.

Super Training screen / Pokémon ORAS
Super Training screen

Step 3: Next, press the green button on the bottom left corner of the screen.

You’ll see 12 new unlockable Secret Super Training stages, exclusively for fully-trained Pokémon. If you want a chance to obtain a Moon Stone, you’ll have to unlock the stage: Drag Down Hydreigon!

Stages of Secret Super Training / Pokémon ORAS
Stages of Secret Super Training

Step 4: Once you complete this stage within the target time, you have a good chance to obtain a Moon Stone.

Obtaining a Moon Stone from Secret Super Training / Pokémon ORAS
Obtaining a Moon Stone from Secret Super Training

Method 3 – Pokémon with the Ability Pickup

A Linoone with Pickup holding a Moon Stone / Pokémon ORAS
A Linoone with Pickup holding a Moon Stone

After winning a battle, a Pokémon with Pickup in your party has a 10% chance to find an item. This ability remains active even if the Pokémon didn’t take part in the battle or is fainted.

The higher your Pickup user’s level, the better your odds of obtaining a Moon Stone this way.

Below are the chances of finding a Moon Stone based on your Pickup user’s level:

Pokémon’s Level Chance at a Moon Stone
1-40 0%
41-60 4%
61-100 10%

Tip: Include up to six Pokémon with the Pickup ability in your party simultaneously to boost your odds of finding a Moon Stone. After winning battles, check if any of them have picked up an item. You’re bound to get other valuable items in the process as well.

Method 4 – Inverse Battle Stop

Talking to Inver / Pokémon ORAS
Talking to Inver

The Inverse Battle Stop in Mauville City is a unique battle facility operated by a trainer named Inver.

Inverse battles are a special type of Pokémon battle in which type matchups are reversed, making moves that are usually super effective, not very effective, and vice versa.

Should you manage to defeat Inver, he’ll reward you with an item based on your score. Each super-effective move you land earns you a point, while each super-effective move he lands against you causes a one-point deduction.

Scoring between 7 to 9 points gives you a 10% chance of obtaining a Moon Stone. Each prize in this pool has an equal probability (10%) of being awarded.

The prize pool for this score range includes the following:

  • Fire Stone
  • Leaf Stone
  • Water Stone
  • Thunder Stone
  • Sun Stone
  • Moon Stone
  • Dawn Stone
  • Dusk Stone
  • Shiny Stone
  • Everstone

If you don’t know where the Inverse Battle Stop is, here’s how to get there:

Step 1: Begin at the Pokémon Center in Mauville City. Then head back inside the city’s interior through the entrance on the right.

Mauville City / Pokémon ORAS
Mauville City

Step 2: Once inside the city, proceed slightly north. The very first stall on your left is the Inverse Battle Stop.

Outside Inverse Battle Stop’s entrance / Pokémon ORAS
Outside Inverse Battle Stop’s entrance

Step 3: After entering the facility, talk to Inver to start the challenge.

Remember to track your points – you want a score of 7-9 to have a chance of obtaining a Moon Stone.

Inside the Inverse Battle Stop / Pokémon ORAS
Inside the Inverse Battle Stop

Method 5 – Rematch with Expert Shelby

Challenging Expert Shelby / Pokémon ORAS
Challenging Expert Shelby

Defeating rematchable trainers via the Trainer’s Eye tab in the AreaNav gives you a small chance of obtaining an item as a reward.

When you defeat Expert Shelby on Jagged Pass in a rematch she has a 5% chance of rewarding you with a Moon Stone. Here’s exactly where to find this NPC:

Step 1: Fly back to Jagged Pass and follow the path going south. Then slide down the muddy slope on the right.

Rustboro City / Pokémon ORAS
Rustboro City

Step 2: As you head down, you’ll eventually find Expert Shelby on your right-hand side. Talk to her to start the rematch.

Expert Shelby’s exact location / Pokémon ORAS
Expert Shelby’s exact location

Method 6 – Secret Pal Skill: Pick Up Stones

Talking to a Secret Pal / Pokémon ORAS
Talking to a Secret Pal

You have a chance to obtain Moon Stones by using the “Pick Up Stones” Secret Pal skill, which is one of the features of Super-Secret Bases.

In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Super-Secret Bases are an upgraded version of the Secret Base feature from the original games. After making your own Secret Base using TM94 Secret Power, you can customize and share your base with other players.

Each Secret Pal can use a special skill once a day; a pal can learn up to four of the ten possible skills:

Skill Description
Do some exercise Boosts the EVs (Effort Values) of a selected stat by 30 for a chosen Pokémon in the party.
Do some training Boost the level for a chosen Pokémon in the party by 1.
Gather Berries Picks up any of the following berries:

Apicot Berry, Aspear Berry, Cheri Berry, Chesto Berry, Ganlon Berry, Kee Berry, Leppa Berry, Liechi Berry, Lum Berry, Maranga Berry, Pecha Berry, Persim Berry, Petaya Berry, Rawst Berry, Salac Berry, Sitrus Berry

Make some goods Receive a random decoration for your Super-Secret Base
Massage a Pokémon Boosts the Friendship Value for a chosen Pokémon in the party by 30.
Pick something up Picks up any of the following items:

Elixir, Escape Rope, Full Restore, Heart Scale, Master Ball, Max Revive, PP Max, PP Up, Rare Candy, Revive, Ultra Ball

Pick up stones Picks up any of the following Evolutionary Stones:

Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, Everstone, Fire Stone, Leaf Stone, Moon Stone, Shiny Stone, Sun Stone, Thunder Stone, Water Stone

Search for treasure Picks up any of the following valuable items:

Big Nugget, Big Pearl, Comet Shard, Float Stone, Nugget, Pearl, Pearl String, Rare Bone

Take care of an Egg Makes an Egg become closer to hatching
Tell my fortune Receive a random MAX-strength O-Power:

Bargain Power MAX, Capture Power MAX, Full Recovery Power, Prize Money Power MAX

Method 7 – Stealing from Wild Lunatone (AS) and Wild Clefairy

Using TM46 Thief on a wild Lunatone / Pokémon ORAS
Using TM46 Thief on a wild Lunatone

There are two Pokémon that you can find holding a Moon Stone in the wild:

  • Lunatone (AS only)
  • Clefairy

When you encounter Lunatone in Meteor Falls, there’s a 5% chance they’ll be holding a Moon Stone. To take the item just use a Pokémon that knows TM46 Thief. Or if you want to farm multiple Moon Stones this way then consider building a fully-equipped held item farming team.

Clefairy is also another option, though it can only be found via the DexNav. We’ll cover both of their locations below:

Meteor Falls 1F (Lunatone)

Meteor Falls 1F / Pokémon ORAS
Meteor Falls 1F
Pokémon (Tall Grass) Chance Levels
Lunatone 25% (AS) 16-19
Solrock 25% (OR) 16-19
Zubat 75% 16-19

Route 115 – DexNav (Clefairy)

In the grass on Route 115 / Pokémon ORAS
In the grass on Route 115

Since Lunatone is a version-exclusive Pokémon, you can also try to find Clefairy to steal Moon Stones from them instead.

Wild Clefairy can be found in both versions, but you can only encounter them on Route 115 while using the DexNav function.

Using Moon Stones

In-game details for Moon Stone / Pokémon ORAS
In-game details for Moon Stone

You can use Moon Stones on eligible Pokémon to trigger their evolution.

As of Gen 6, the following Pokémon evolve using a Moon Stone:

Use a Moon Stone on To evolve into
Nidorina Nidoqueen
Nidorino Nidoking
Clefairy Clefable
Jigglypuff Wigglytuff
Skitty Delcatty
Munna Musharna


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