Where To Get TM28 Dig in Pokémon ORAS

Using Dig in battle against Walrein (Pokémon ORAS)

You can obtain TM28 Dig by talking to a kid inside the Fossil Maniac’s House, which is located on Route 114. This is the route directly west of Fallarbor Town. Getting to this area does require Rock Smash, but you will reach this area naturally during a playthrough after Mauville City.

Dig is a two-turn Ground-type move. On the first turn, the user burrows underground, making them invulnerable to most moves. Then, the move deals damage on the following turn.

You can also use TM28 Dig outside of battle: when used inside a cave, you’ll be teleported out & placed wherever you initially entered the cave from.

TM28 Dig Location (Step-by-Step)

The Fossil Maniac’s House is on Route 114, the route connecting Fallarbor Town and Meteor Falls. When you exit Fallarbor Town using its west exit, you can find the Fossil Maniac’s House along the north wall.

Route 114 and Fallarbor Town are only accessible when you use HM06 Rock Smash on the breakable rocks blocking your path on Route 111. To use Rock Smash outside of battle, you first need to obtain the Dynamo Badge from Wattson, Mauville City’s Gym Leader.

If you’ve already done that, head to Fallarbor Town’s Pokémon Center to get started.

Step 1: Start by following the path on the left.

Fallarbor Town’s Pokémon Center / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Fallarbor Town’s Pokémon Center

Step 2: Continue heading west along Route 114.

Running along Route 114 / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Running along Route 114

Step 3: Enter the Fossil Maniac’s House. This should be the first house that you see after entering Route 114, and it’ll be located above you to the north.

Fossil Maniac’s House (Exterior) / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Fossil Maniac’s House (Exterior)

Step 4: Talk to the kid NPC inside the house to get TM28. He’ll be standing near the cave entrance.

The location of TM28 Dig / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
The location of TM28 Dig

Dig Details + Uses

In-game details for TM28 Dig / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
In-game details for TM28 Dig
Dig Move Details
Type Ground
Category Physical
Power 80
Accuracy 100%
PP 10 (max. 16)

Dig is a Physical Ground-type move that takes two turns to execute. On the turn you select the move, the user digs underground, where they will be semi-invulnerable.

While in this state, most of your opponent’s moves will miss regardless of accuracy. This includes moves that can’t miss like Aerial Ace or Swift.

The user resurfaces on the following turn, losing its semi-invulnerable state, and dealing damage to the opposing Pokémon.

The first turn of Dig in ORAS / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
The first turn of Dig in ORAS

Like most two-turn moves, Dig is an absolutely useless move in competitive battles. Because of the turn it takes to dig underground, your opponent can simply switch to a Pokémon that resists (or is immune to) Ground-type moves. Dig can also be stopped by using Protect or Detect on the second turn.

So for competitive it’s really not worth using.

But for in-game battles or just for a general ORAS playthrough, Dig can be pretty useful.

Tip: While most moves won’t land while the user is underground, some moves do. These moves even have additional effects if they’re used while a Pokémon is using Dig:

  • Magnitude – Physical Ground-type move; deals double damage to Pokémon using Dig
  • Earthquake – Physical Ground-type move; deals double damage to Pokémon using Dig
  • Fissure – a one-hit KO move with 30% accuracy; increased to 100% against Pokémon using Dig

Additionally, the ability No Guard also bypasses Dig’s semi-invulnerable state.

Since Earthquake is all too common in competitive battles, Dig can never be a viable move.

Using Dig Outside of Battle

Using Dig outside of battle to leave a cave / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Using Dig outside of battle to leave a cave

Dig can be very useful after you’re done exploring any cave.

Using Dig outside of battle transports you directly to the cave’s entrance. If the cave has multiple entry points, it will transport you to the one you entered it from. It basically functions as a free Escape Rope.

To use Dig outside of battle, go to your party and find the Pokémon that knows the move. From there, click “Use A Move” and choose Dig. It’s just like how you would use any regular HM outside of battle.


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