How To Get TM66 Payback in Pokémon ORAS

Picking up the Payback TM on Mirage Island (Pokémon Alpha Sapphire)

TM66 Payback can be found on a specific Mirage Island in the south central region of Hoenn. You can explore Mirage Islands after unlocking the ability to soar with Mega Latias/Latios with the Eon Flute.

But you’ll also need a Pokémon that knows HM06 Rock Smash to reach the location of this TM.


After acquiring the Eon Flute from Steven after you battle Kyogre or Groudon in the Cave of Origin, you’ll be able to call on Latias or Latios (depending on your game version) to soar through Hoenn’s skies.

This lets you quickly travel to previously visited locations, and it also grants you access to Mirage Spots.

Soaring the skies with Mega Latias / Pokemon ORAS
Soaring the skies with Mega Latias

Mirage Spots are rare locations that can randomly be found throughout the Hoenn region. They provide various benefits, such as a way to catch rare or legendary Pokémon, acquire valuable items, and collect unique TMs, including the TM for Payback.

Each day, a random Mirage Spot appears on Hoenn’s outskirts, marked by a red sparkle.

There are also five categories of Mirage Spots:

  • Mirage Island
  • Mirage Forest
  • Mirage Cave
  • Mirage Mountain
  • Crescent Isle

The Mirage Spots rotate daily, and using StreetPass allows players to encounter even more Mirage Spots.

As for the exact prerequisites of this specific Mirage Spot, you’ll need just one thing:

TM66 Payback Location (Step-by-Step)

When you’re good to go, check and see if the exact Mirage Island marked in the image below is available.

  • If it is, use the Eon Flute to travel there.
  • If it’s not, you can adjust your 3DS or emulator’s time until it appears.
Exact Mirage Spot where TM66 Payback is located / Pokemon ORAS
Exact Mirage Spot where TM66 Payback is located

Step 1: Upon reaching the Mirage Island, make your way southeast into the tall grass.

Mirage Island moving east / Pokemon ORAS
Mirage Island moving east

Step 2: Eventually you’ll come across a breakable rock blocking your way. Use HM06 Rock Smash to clear the path.

Breakable rock on Mirage Island / Pokemon ORAS
Breakable rock on Mirage Island

Step 3: With the rock destroyed, continue along the narrow trail and pick up the TM on the ground waiting at the end.

The location of TM66 Payback / Pokemon ORAS
The location of TM66 Payback

TM66 Payback Details + Uses

In-game details for TM66 Payback / Pokemon ORAS
In-game details for TM66 Payback
Payback Move Details
Type Dark
Category Physical
Power 50
Accuracy 100%
PP 10 (max. 16)

TM66 Payback is a Physical Dark-type move that deals damage and doubles in power if the user moves after the target in the same turn.

This means if the target uses a move before the user, Payback’s base power will increase from 50 to 100.

Using TM66 Payback in battle / Pokemon ORAS
Using TM66 Payback in battle

Although Payback is not as popular as the widely-used Dark-type move Knock Off, it can still have its niche in competitive battles – especially for slower or bulkier Pokémon that can take advantage of its doubled power.

Using Payback strategically can help you take advantage of your Pokémon’s slower speed, turning it into an asset rather than a liability.

Tip: Make sure to use Payback when you’re confident that your Pokémon will move last in the turn. This will allow you to deal significant damage to faster opponents or those who try to use priority moves. If you’re unable to move last, Payback’s low base power of 50 may not be worth using in comparison to other available Dark-type moves.

Additionally, Payback is notable for its wide distribution of non-Dark-type Pokémon that can learn the move.

This gives slow and bulky Physical attackers an effective tool against Psychic- and Ghost-type opponents.


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