Where To Get HM07 Waterfall in Pokémon Platinum

Getting Waterfall from Olivine City's Gym Leader Jasmine in Sunyshore City (Pokémon Platinum)

You will receive HM07 Waterfall from Jasmine on the beach in northern Sunyshore City. Speak to her after you defeat Gym Leader Volkner and she will give you the HM to help you reach Victory Road.

Waterfall is a Hidden Move (HM) that allows you to travel up waterfalls found in the overworld.

In battle, it’s a Water-type physical attack that does damage and has a 20% chance of making the target flinch.

HM07 Waterfall Location (Step-by-Step)

HM07 Waterfall’s location on the Town Map / Pokémon Platinum
HM07 Waterfall’s location on the Town Map.

Before you can receive HM07 Waterfall, you will first need to defeat Leader Volkner at the Sunyshore City Gym. He uses Electric-type Pokémon, and for the most part can be taken down with a Ground type at around level 50.

Note: For more in-depth information on solving Sunyshore Gym’s puzzle and defeating Leader Folkner, you can check out our guide here.

After defeating Volkner / Pokémon Platinum
After defeating Volkner.

If you’ve already beaten Volkner and received the Beacon Badge, you can get HM07 Waterfall by just visiting the beach at the north side of town.

From Sunyshore’s Pokémon Center, take the main street northward.

Heading north on Sunyshore City’s main street / Pokémon Platinum
Heading north on Sunyshore City’s main street.

Continue north past the shops, and onto the unpaved terrain.

Moving north between Sunyshore’s Poké Mart and Marketplace / Pokémon Platinum
Moving north between Sunyshore’s Poké Mart and Marketplace.

You will come to a small beach north of the city, where an NPC is standing alone.

This is Jasmine, Leader of Olivine City’s Gym in the Johto region.

Speak with her and she will hand you HM07 Waterfall, which you will need in order to reach Victory Road and complete the game’s main story.

Receiving HM07 Waterfall from Jasmine / Pokémon Platinum
Receiving HM07 Waterfall from Jasmine.

Waterfall Details + Uses

In-game description of HM07 Waterfall / Pokémon Platinum
In-game description of HM07 Waterfall.

Using Waterfall in Battle

In battle, Waterfall is a damage-inflicting, Water-type physical move that also has a 20% chance of causing the opponent to flinch.

Waterfall Move Details
Type Water
Category Physical
Power 80
Accuracy 100%
PP 15 (max. 24)

Before Gen IV, Waterfall had little going for it besides a decent base power. The 20% chance of causing the target to flinch was introduced in this generation, and made Waterfall much more viable as a battle move.

This is the only Water-type move that has this secondary effect, and is now one of the better physical Water-type moves.

Using Waterfall Outside of Battle

Outside of battle, Waterfall is used to climb waterfalls, such as the one barring the way to the end-game cave Victory Road.

To use Waterfall in the overworld, simply face a waterfall and press A while you have a Pokémon in your party that knows the move.

Using Waterfall in the overworld / Pokémon Platinum
Using Waterfall in the overworld.

The Pokémon will automatically swim against the current and bring you to the higher water.

After using Waterfall / Pokémon Platinum
After using Waterfall.

You do not have to manually activate the move in order to descend waterfalls, but you still need to have a Pokémon that knows the move in your party.

Note: If Waterfall is used in a Pokémon Contest, it will earn the user 3 Appeal Points without causing any additional effects.

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