How To Get TM05 Roar in Pokémon Platinum

Finding the Roar TM on Route 213 in Pokémon Platinum

TM05 Roar is located on a mountaintop on Route 213, directly east from Pastoria City. You will need to use Rock Climb to reach this area, and this is the only way to acquire TM05 in Platinum.

Roar is a non-damaging Normal-type status move that forces the target Pokémon to switch out of battle. But Roar behaves differently depending on when you use it:

  • In a trainer battle, a random Pokémon from the trainer’s party will be sent out in its stead.
  • Against a wild Pokémon, the battle will end.

TM05 Roar Location (Step-by-Step)

TM05 Roar’s location on the Town Map / Pokémon Platinum
TM05 Roar’s location on the Town Map.

TM05 Roar is found on Route 213, directly east of Pastoria City’s east gate. However, the Hidden Move Rock Climb is needed to obtain the TM.

So TM05 will only be accessible after you have defeated Snowpoint City’s Gym Leader Candice and received the Icicle Badge from her.

Once you have the Icicle Badge, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get TM05.

To get started, Fly to Pastoria City. Make sure a Pokémon in your party knows Rock Climb, then head east from the Pokémon Center.

Setting out to the east from the Pastoria Pokémon Center / Pokémon Platinum
Setting out to the east from the Pastoria Pokémon Center.

Leave Pastoria City through the gate on the eastern edge of town.

Leaving Pastoria City through the eastern gate / Pokémon Platinum
Leaving Pastoria City through the eastern gate.

Pass through the gate, and you will emerge on Route 213. Continue straight eastward.

Heading eastward on Route 213 / Pokémon Platinum
Heading eastward on Route 213.

Keep going until you approach a mountain cliff.

Along this cliff is a rocky section of wall (pictured below). Stand in front of it and use Rock Climb to scale the mountain.

Using Rock Climb to scale the rocky wall / Pokémon Platinum
Using Rock Climb to scale the rocky wall.

At the top of the mountain, there is a Poké Ball item to the south of the tall grass. You’ll see it nestled between the picket fence lining the perimeter.

Approaching the Poké Ball item at the top of the mountain / Pokémon Platinum
Approaching the Poké Ball item at the top of the mountain.

Interact with this item to pick up TM05 Roar.

Obtaining TM05 Roar / Pokémon Platinum
Obtaining TM05 Roar.

This is the only copy of TM05 Roar in the game, so take time to consider which Pokémon you’d want to teach it to (if any).

Roar Details and Uses

In-game description of TM05 Roar / Pokémon Platinum
In-game description of TM05 Roar.

Roar is a non-damaging Normal-type status move that scares off the target Pokémon.

In a trainer battle, the target will be replaced with a random Pokémon from the opposing trainer’s party; against a wild Pokémon, the battle will end.

Roar Move Details
Type Normal
Category Status
Accuracy 100%
PP 20 (max. 32)
Priority -6

Roar isn’t a move that is commonly seen in PvP competitions, but there are some arguments for its use. Specifically when paired with other moves—for instance, entry hazard moves like Spikes, Toxic Spikes, or Stone Edge.

Entry hazard moves set up traps for opposing Pokémon switching into battle. So by using them and forcing new Pokémon into battle at random, you have the chance to do massive damage to your opponent (depending on the traps you use and which Pokémon are switched in).

And because this isn’t a common strategy, many players do not think to prepare defenses for it.

That said, this strategy has its obvious flaws.

As with all moves that force Pokémon switching, Roar has an extremely low priority stat in order to keep spamming to a minimum. So it’s certain to be used last every time except the most anomalous situations — meaning you’ll still be taking hits with every turn.

Not all Pokémon are affected equally by the same traps, either.

For example:

A Poison-type Pokémon will automatically clear Toxic Spikes from the arena. Therefore, it would probably be best to equip any Pokémon attempting this strategy with two different types of entry hazard moves, and perhaps a healing move to offset all the attacks the Pokémon will be taking.

Miscellaneous information about Roar:

  • Roar will not affect Pokémon who have the Abilities Soundproof or Suction Cups.
  • Roar will also fail against a Pokémon who is rooted by the move Ingrain.
  • If the user is a lower level than the target, Roar has a roughly 10%-25% chance of failing, depending on the level discrepancy.
  • In a trainer battle, if the opponent has no more Pokémon to send out, Roar will fail.
  • TM05 Roar can be sold for 500 PokéDollars.
  • If used in a Pokémon Contest, Roar will earn the user 2 Appeal Points and prevent the Voltage from going down in the same turn.

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