How To Get TM11 Sunny Day in Pokémon Platinum

TM11's location on Route 212 (Pokémon Platinum)

The only copy of TM11 Sunny Day is found on Route 212, a short distance south of Hearthome City.

To access this location, you must have a Pokémon in your party that knows the Hidden Move Cut. You must also have visited Pastoria City at least once.

TM11 Sunny Day Location (Step-by-Step)

TM11 Sunny Day’s location on the Town Map / Pokémon Platinum
TM11 Sunny Day’s location on the Town Map.

TM11 Sunny Day can be found south of Hearthome City.

Until you have visited Pastoria City for the first time, a couple of reporter and cameraman NPCs will be blocking the path inside Hearthome City’s southwest gate.

Assuming you have visited Pastoria City, you can reach TM11 via the shortest route by first traveling south from Hearthome’s Pokémon Center.

Heading southward from Hearthome City’s Pokémon Center / Pokémon Platinum
Heading southward from Hearthome City’s Pokémon Center.

When you reach the white picket fences that run alongside the Poké Mart, turn eastward.

Turning to the east and passing the Poké Mart / Pokémon Platinum
Turning to the east and passing the Poké Mart.

At the fisherman NPC, turn southward again, and then turn to the west at the next split to keep following the path.

Circling around to the southwest / Pokémon Platinum
Circling around to the southwest.

Go all the way to the southwest corner of town. Here you will see two city gates.

Take the south gate to reach Route 212.

Exiting Hearthome City through the southwest gate / Pokémon Platinum
Exiting Hearthome City through the southwest gate.

On the other side of the gate, continue southward on Route 212.

Heading south on Route 212 / Pokémon Platinum
Heading south on Route 212.

Eventually some trees will split the path up a little bit. Keep to the right until you reach the pond, then circle around it.

Keeping to the right until the first pond / Pokémon Platinum
Keeping to the right until the first pond.

The bushes in the path will start to resemble a sort of hedge maze, but it’s easy to navigate.

Keep heading south until you see a tree that can be Cut down in the lower-left corner. Cut it, and then head north through the newly-opened path.

Circling around the hedge maze, using Cut on the tree / Pokémon Platinum
Circling around the hedge maze, using Cut on the tree.

Head all the way up this stretch of land.

TM11 Sunny Day will be visible as a Pokéball item by the ledge at the far end of the path.

Acquiring TM11 Sunny Day / Pokémon Platinum
Acquiring TM11 Sunny Day.

This is the only copy of TM11 Sunny Day in the game, so use it wisely.

Sunny Day Details and Uses

In-game description for TM11 Sunny Day / Pokémon Platinum
In-game description for TM11 Sunny Day.

Sunny Day is a Fire-type status move that strengthens the sun’s rays to power up Fire-type moves by 50% for five turns.

During its duration, it will also weaken Water-type moves by 50%. It does not inflict damage.

Sunny Day Move Details
Type Fire
Category Status
Accuracy —%
PP 5 (max. 8)

There are also several cursory effects caused by stronger sunlight that the game doesn’t readily mention:

  • Pokémon with the Ability Chlorophyll will see their speed doubled.
  • Pokémon with the Ability Flower Gift will raise their team’s Attack and Special Defense stats by 50%.
  • Cherrim will transform into its Sunshine Form, granting it the benefits of the Flower Gift Ability.
  • The Pokémon Castform and the move Weather Ball will become Fire type.
  • The weather-dependent HP recovery moves Moonlight, Morning Sun, and Synthesis will replenish ⅔ of the user’s maximum HP, instead of their usual amounts.
  • Pokémon with the Ability Leaf Guard will become immune to non-volatile status afflictions (meaning statuses that remain even after the Pokémon is switched out).
  • Pokémon with the Ability Dry Skin will lose ⅛ of their maximum HP each turn.
  • The Special Attack stat of a Pokémon with the Ability Solar Power will increase by 50%, but at the expense of ⅛ of their HP each turn.
  • The accuracy of Thunder will be cut by 50%.

Sunny Day is a move that is best used with other moves already in mind.

For instance, the extremely high-powered Grass-type move Solar Beam typically requires the user to recharge during the next turn after it’s used, but this caveat is removed under strong sunlight.

It can make for some truly devastating Fire attacks, and with its effect of weakening Water-type moves, can potentially even the odds between Fire and Water Pokémon in battle.

Miscellaneous information about Sunny Day:

  • If the Pokémon using Sunny Day is holding a Heat Rock, the move’s duration will extend from 5 turns to 8.
  • If Sunny Day is used in a Pokémon Contest in the Beauty category, it will earn 2 Appeal points and prevent the Voltage from going up in the same turn.
  • Sunny Day can also be used in a Pokémon Contest as the first move in a combination. Doing so will cause the moves Blast Burn, Blaze Kick, Ember, Eruption, Fire Blast, Fire Punch, Fire Spin, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Moonlight, Morning Sun, Overheat, Sacred Fire, Solar Beam, Synthesis, Weather Ball, and Will-O-Wisp to score double the Appeal point in the next turn.

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