How To Get TM28 Dig in Pokémon Platinum

Inside Ruin Maniac Cave in Pokémon Platinum

The only copy of TM28 Dig is inside Ruin Maniac Cave, located south of Veilstone City, just off Route 214. The TM will be visible as soon as you step inside the cave.

In battle, Dig is a Ground-type physical attack move that takes two turns to use, with the first putting the user in a semi-invulnerable state as it burrows underground, and the second being the actual attack.

Outside of battle, if Dig is used in a cave or in certain buildings (including Gyms), the player will be transported back to the entrance, similar to the effects of using an Escape Rope.

TM28 Dig Location (Step-by-Step)

TM28 Dig’s location on the Town Map. / Pokémon Platinum
TM28 Dig’s location on the Town Map.

TM28 is found in Ruin Maniac Cave, which can be accessed off of Route 214, immediately south of Veilstone City.

Here’s how to get there:

From Veilstone’s Pokémon Center head down the stairs, turn east, and then take your first turn heading south.

Veilstone City’s Pokémon Center. / Pokémon Platinum
Veilstone City’s Pokémon Center.

Continue south until you reach the gate to Route 214, and go through it.

Note: You do not need to have defeated Veilstone’s Gym Leader Maylene to leave town through the southern gate.

The gate to Route 214. / Pokémon Platinum
The gate to Route 214.
South of Veilstone City. / Pokémon Platinum
South of Veilstone City.

Once on the other side of the gate, keep moving south.

Head up the first set of stairs you see onto a plateau (pictured below). Then turn west and enter the cave.

Outside Ruin Maniac Cave. / Pokémon Platinum
Outside Ruin Maniac Cave.

Inside the cave, you will find a man (the cave’s titular Ruin Maniac) digging on the western wall.

And against the northern wall will be a Pokéball-like object on the ground. This is TM28 Dig.

Collecting TM28 Dig. / Pokémon Platinum
Collecting TM28 Dig.

This is the only copy of TM28 in the game, so be certain of which Pokémon you want to learn Dig before you use it.

Dig Details + Uses

In-game description for TM28 Dig. / Pokémon Platinum
In-game description for TM28 Dig.
Dig Move Details
Type Ground
Category Physical
Power 80
Accuracy 100%
PP 10 (max. 16)

Dig is a Ground-type physical attack move that works in two turns.

During the first turn, the Pokémon burrows underground, where it remains in a semi-invulnerable state until the next turn. While in this state, the only moves that can damage the Pokémon naturally are:

  • Earthquake
  • Magnitude
  • And Fissure

While underground, Earthquake and Magnitude will deal double damage.

Note: If the Pokémon using Dig was previously targeted with the moves Mind Reader or Lock-On, it can be damaged by regular attacks, even after burrowing underground. It can also be attacked while underground by a Pokémon that has the No Guard ability, or if the user of Dig has No Guard itself.

The Pokémon that used Dig will resurface during the second turn, striking its opponent and dealing damage.

Outside of battle, Dig can be used to escape caves, dungeons, and certain buildings (including Gyms). When used, the player will be transported directly to the entrance they used to enter the cave or building, similar to the mechanics of the item Escape Rope.

Dig is a fairly powerful Ground-based move with high accuracy, but it has its drawbacks.

  • Dig cannot hit Flying-type Pokémon (which presumably wouldn’t be on the ground to be struck by it)
  • And since the first part of Dig’s attack essentially telegraphs which move the Pokémon is about to use, the opposing trainer can switch their own Pokémon to a Flying-type and negate the attack (or to a Bug- or Grass-type, for half the damage).

And although Dig’s 80 base power is above average, there are stronger Ground-type moves that don’t carry the same glaring weakness.

Earthquake, for instance, has a base power of 100, and it takes only one turn to use. Dig is highly effective during the main game, but generally not worth taking up a move slot in PvP competitive play.

That said, if a Pokémon using Dig is holding a Power Herb, the semi-invulnerable first turn can be skipped. This turns Dig into a one-turn move.

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