How To Get TM55 Brine in Pokémon Platinum

Standing outside the Pastoria City Gym in Pokémon Platinum

TM55 Brine is given to you as a reward for defeating the fifth Gym Leader, Pastoria City’s Crasher Wake. He will give it to you along with the Fen Badge.

Brine is a damage-dealing, Water-type special move. If used on a Pokémon whose HP is under half its maximum, Brine will inflict double the damage.

TM55 Brine Location (Step-by-Step)

TM55 Brine’s location on the Town Map. / Pokémon Platinum
TM55 Brine’s location on the Town Map.

Pastoria City is the next town after Veilstone City, where you fought Gym Leader Maylene. You will have the chance to battle him as soon as you arrive in town.

Pastoria’s Gym Leader, Crasher Wake, uses Water-type Pokémon whose levels are in the mid-30s. Standard Water-type weaknesses will work when battling him, though he has a few moves that can make it difficult for the unprepared.

You can check out our full guide here for in-depth information on how to do the Pastoria Gym puzzle & beat Gym Leader Wake.

Fighting Crasher Wake at Pastoria Gym. / Pokémon Platinum
Fighting Crasher Wake at Pastoria Gym.

After you defeat Wake, he will hand you the Fen Badge and TM55 Brine together.

Receiving Brine from Leader Wake. / Pokémon Platinum
Receiving Brine from Leader Wake.

Bear in mind that this is the only copy of TM55 Brine in the game, so you should only use it on a Pokémon you’re sure you want to learn it.

Brine Details + Uses

In-game description of TM55 Brine. / Pokémon Platinum
In-game description of TM55 Brine.

Brine is a damage-dealing Water-type special move.

It has a decent base power, but Brine’s secondary effect is what makes it special: if the target Pokémon’s HP is under half of its maximum, Brine will attack with double the power—130—making it a truly devastating finishing move.

Brine Move Details
Type Water
Category Special
Power 65
Accuracy 100
PP 10 (max. 16)

Brine’s effectiveness in PvP play really depends on your strategy.

It can especially blindside your opponents if they’re using a Pokémon that isn’t weak to Water-type moves. If your opponent feels complacent enough not to switch out when their Pokémon has slightly under half its health, busting out a 130-power attack can be a big shock.

On the other hand, its regular 65 base power isn’t much to speak of. So Brine’s move slot might be better filled by harder-hitting Water moves like Surf or Aqua Tail.

Note: When used in a Pokémon Contest in the Smart category, Brine will earn the user two appeal points, plus two bonus points if the judge’s Voltage goes up.

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