How To Get TM56 Fling in Pokémon Platinum

On Route 222 next to the NPC that gives you TM56 (Platinum)

You can get TM56 Fling from a Rich Boy NPC standing near Route 222’s paved road. This area is just west of Sunyshore City.

The NPC will offer you the TM for free if you speak to him, and this is the only way to get TM56 in Pokémon Platinum.

Fling is a damage-inflicting, Dark-type physical move that hurls the user’s Held Item at the target.

TM56 Fling Location (Step-by-Step)

TM56 Fling’s location on the Town Map / Pokémon Platinum
TM56 Fling’s location on the Town Map.

To get TM56 Fling, you will need to speak to an NPC on Route 222.

The quickest path to him is to start from Sunyshore City, and head west from the Pokémon Center.

Heading west from Sunyshore City’s Pokémon Center / Pokémon Platinum
Heading west from Sunyshore City’s Pokémon Center.

Exit Sunyshore through the gate in the southwestern corner of town.

Leaving Sunyshore City through the western gate / Pokémon Platinum
Leaving Sunyshore City through the western gate.

On Route 222, follow the paved road west.

Heading west along Route 222’s main road / Pokémon Platinum
Heading west along Route 222’s main road.

Climb the staircase, and when the road splits, take the northwest branch.

Sticking to the paved road / Pokémon Platinum
Sticking to the paved road.

Continue heading west until you see the Rich Boy NPC standing at a short cliff just south of the road. You’ll see him immediately past the police officer.

You will recognize him from his blue hair and white suit.

Passing the police officer to approach the Rich Boy NPC / Pokémon Platinum
Passing the police officer to approach the Rich Boy NPC.

Speak with this NPC, and he will hand you TM56 Fling.

Receiving TM56 Fling / Pokémon Platinum
Receiving TM56 Fling.

Since this is the only copy of TM56 Fling in the game, be careful not to waste it on the wrong Pokémon.

The ideal Pokémon for Fling would be a Dark-type, in order to take advantage of Fling’s Same-type attack bonus (STAB).

Fling Details + Uses

In-game description of TM56 Fling / Pokémon Platinum
In-game description of TM56 Fling.

Fling is a damage-dealing, Dark-type physical move that allows the user to attack the target with its Held Item.

The damage Fling inflicts depends on the user’s held item, and after flinging it, the item is lost for good.

Fling Move Details
Type Dark
Category Physical
Power Varies
Accuracy 100%
PP 10 (max. 16)

Fling Item Damages & Effects

The following table lists the damage amount each item (or item type) will do if flung by a Pokémon.

Fling Item Damage Table
Damage Item
10 All Berries, all Incenses, Red Scarf, Blue Scarf, Pink Scarf, Green Scarf, Yellow Scarf, Big Root, Bright Powder, Choice Band, Choice Scarf, Choice Specs, Destiny Knot, Expert Belt, Focus Band, Focus Sash, Lagging Tail, Leftovers, Mental Herb, Metal Powder, Muscle Band, Power Herb, Quick Powder, Reaper Cloth, Shed Shell, Silk Scarf, Silver Powder, Smooth Stone, Soft Sand, Soothe Bell, White Herb, Wide Lens, Wise Glasses, Zoom Lens
30 All status condition healing items except Berries, all Potions, all herbal medicines, all drinks, all Mulches, all Shards, all Vitamins, all battle items, all flutes, Ether, Elixir, Max Ether, Max Elixir, Repel, Super Repel, Max Repel, Amulet Coin, Berry Juice, Big Mushroom, Big Pearl, Black Belt, Black Glasses, Black Sludge, Charcoal, Cleanse Tag, Deep Sea Scale, Dragon Scale, Escape Rope, Everstone, Fire Stone, Flame Orb, Fluffy Tail, Heart Scale, Honey, King’s Rock, Lava Cookie, Leaf Stone, Life Orb, Light Ball, Lucky Egg, Magnet, Max Revive, Metal Coat, Metronome, Miracle Seed, Moon Stone, Mystic Water, Never-Melt Ice, Nugget, Old Gateau, Pearl, Poké Doll, Rare Candy, Razor Fang, Revive, Sacred Ash, Scope Lens, Shell Bell, Shoal Salt, Shoal Shell, Smoke Ball, Soul Dew, Spell Tag, Star Piece, Stardust, Sun Stone, Thunder Stone, Tiny Mushroom, Toxic Orb, Twisted Spoon, Upgrade, Water Stone
40 Icy Rock, Lucky Punch
50 Dubious Disc, Sharp Beak
60 Adamant Orb, Damp Rock, Griseous Orb, Heat Rock, Stick, Lustrous Orb, Macho Brace
70 Power Anklet, Power Band, Power Belt, Power Bracer, Power Lens, Power Weight, Dragon Fang, Poison Barb
80 Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, Electirizer, Magmarizer, Odd Keystone, Oval Stone, Protector, Quick Claw, Razor Claw, Shiny Stone, Sticky Barb
90 Draco Plate, Dread Plate, Earth Plate, Fist Plate, Flame Plate, Icicle Plate, Insect Plate, Iron Plate, Meadow Plate, Mind Plate, Sky Plate, Splash Plate, Spooky Plate, Stone Plate, Toxic Plate, Zap Plate, Deep Sea Tooth, Grip Claw, Thick Club
100 Skull Fossil, Armor Fossil, Dome Fossil, Helix Fossil, Root Fossil, Claw Fossil, Old Amber, Rare Bone, Hard Stone
130 Iron Ball

Aside from the direct HP damage, certain items will also cause secondary effects if flung at a target.

We’ve listed all of these secondary effects below.

Fling Item Secondary Effects
Item Effect
All Berries Activates the Berry’s effect for the target
Mental Herb Cures infatuation
White Herb Restores lowered stats
Flame Orb Burns the target
King’s Rock Makes the target flinch
Light Ball Paralyzes the target
Razor Fang Makes the target flinch
Toxic Orb Badly poisons the target
Poison Barb Poisons the target

Fling + Recycle + Iron Ball

In general, Fling takes a lot of commitment to make useful. Once a Pokémon throws an item using Fling, the item disappears for good. And because of this, it can only be used once per battle.

The exception would be if the user also has the move Recycle, which replenishes the item.

But that would mean filling two move slots for what is essentially a single move, and it’d mean wasting every other turn retrieving the item.

However, by teaching both Fling and Recycle to a Dark-type Pokémon, Fling will also do STAB (Same-type attack bonus) damage.

This STAB bonus boosts the attack by 50%. So a Dark-type Pokémon holding an Iron Ball will have Fling with a base power of 195 – which can be used every other turn with Recycle.

Considering some of the strongest moves in the game take two turns to use—for instance, Solar Beam (base power of 120) and Hyper Beam (base power 150)— the Dark-type/Fling/Recycle/Iron Ball combination can be highly destructive if used in capable hands.

Miscellaneous Info about Fling:

  • If a Pokémon uses Fling while holding TMs, Poké Balls, or Mail, the move will be unsuccessful.
  • Fling will fail if used by an Arceus holding a Plate or a Giratina holding a Griseous Orb.
  • The move Embargo will prevent a Pokémon from using Fling.
  • The item flung by Fling will be consumed even if the target protects itself from the attack with a protection move.
  • If used in a Pokémon Contest in the Tough category, Fling will generate one Appeal Point, plus 3 bonus Appeal Points if the user has the lowest score in that round.

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