Where To Get TM88 Pluck in Pokémon Platinum

Using Pluck in battle in Pokémon Platinum

TM88 Pluck is available as soon as you reach Floaroma Town. It can be obtained at the first house going straight north when you enter from the southern entrance. You’ll get the TM from the little girl inside with her Clefairy.

Pluck is a Physical, Flying-type attack that also allows the user to steal and eat a Berry the target Pokémon might be holding.

TM88 Pluck Location (Step-by-Step)

Map location for TM88 Pluck / Pokémon Platinum
Map location for TM88 Pluck

From Route 204, head north through the entrance of Floaroma Town and just keep going.

Entering Floaroma Town from Sandgem Town via Route 204 / Pokémon Platinum
Entering Floaroma Town from Sandgem Town via Route 204.
Follow the dirt path straight north / Pokémon Platinum
Follow the dirt path straight north.

Continue following the dirt path north, and enter the first house you encounter.

TM88 is found inside this house / Pokémon Platinum
TM88 is found inside this house.

Speak to the little girl interacting with the Clefairy. She will ask if you think it’s cute how Pokémon pluck berries. Answer “Yes” and she will give you TM88 Pluck.

Say Yes to receive TM88 / Pokémon Platinum
Say Yes to receive TM88.

Pluck Details and Uses

In-game description for TM88 Pluck / Pokémon Platinum
In-game description for TM88 Pluck.

With a Power of 60, Pluck is a pretty mediocre Physical attack with the interesting bonus effect of Berry theft.

Pluck Move Details
Type Flying
Category Physical
Power 60
Accuracy 100%
PP 20 (max. 32)

While it’s a useful flying attack in the main game—and it’s admittedly satisfying to steal computer-controlled opponents’ Berries and devour them on the spot—you will rarely, if ever, see this move in competitive PvP play.

There are a few noteworthy counters to Pluck.

  • If the target Pokémon is using a Substitute, the held Berry will not be stolen.
  • This also applies if the targeted Pokémon possesses the Abilities Sticky Hold or Klutz, or if it is currently affected by the move Embargo.

If a Pokémon holding a Coba or Jaboca Berry is hit by Pluck, the Pokémon will consume the Berry before it can be stolen.

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