How To Get TwistedSpoons in Pokémon Platinum

Searching for wild Abra on Route 203 (Pokémon Platinum)

The only way to get TwistedSpoons is to take them as held items from wild Abra or Kadabra, either by catching the Pokémon or by using an item stealing move. Each wild Abra/Kadabra has a 5% chance of holding a TwistedSpoon.

  • Wild Abra are found on Routes 203, east of Jubilife City.
  • Both wild Abra and wild Kadabra are found on Route 215, which is to the northeast of Solaceon Town.

Of these two options, Abra is the easiest to find.

Getting TwistedSpoons

Abra’s habitats, Routes 203 and 215 / Pokémon Platinum
Abra’s habitats, Routes 203 and 215.

Every Abra and Kadabra you encounter in the wild has a chance of carrying a TwistedSpoon as its held item.

Of the two Pokémon, Abra is the easiest to find. But be aware that you’ll need a quick Pokémon to remove the item before Abra uses Teleport to flee.

Pokémon Locations
Abra (5% chance)
  • Route 203
  • Route 215
Kadabra (5% chance)
  • Route 215

The likelihood that one of these Pokémon will be holding a TwistedSpoon upon encounter is 5%.

However, you can vastly raise these odds and make the process faster by putting together a dedicated item-farming team that uses the Abilities Compoundeyes and Frisk.

Hunting wild Abra on Route 203 / Pokémon Platinum
Hunting wild Abra on Route 203.
Encountering a wild Abra / Pokémon Platinum
Encountering a wild Abra.

When you’ve found a Pokémon holding the TwistedSpoon, either catch it or use a stealing move like Thief to obtain the item.

Using Frisk to identify Abra’s held item slot / Pokémon Platinum
Using Frisk to identify Abra’s held item slot.
Stealing a TwistedSpoon using a move / Pokémon Platinum
Stealing a TwistedSpoon using a move.

As long as you get the item then it doesn’t matter how the battle ends; you will keep the TwistedSpoon whether you flee or defeat it.

TwistedSpoon Details and Uses

The in-game description of the TwistedSpoon / Pokémon Platinum
The in-game description of the TwistedSpoon.

The TwistedSpoon is a held item that boosts the holder’s Psychic moves by 20%.

This is one of the more useful single-type items in the game.

Psychic-type Pokémon tend to have devastating Special Attack stats, but pitiful defenses and HP. This makes the more powerful Life Orb (which damages the holder) a bad fit for all but the bulkiest Psychic Pokémon.

The TwistedSpoon’s 20% boost comes free of any drawbacks while still being noticeably useful. It allows further stretching of Psychic types’ ridiculously high STAB damage while allowing them to remain defensively versatile.

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