How To Make Cookies in Rune Factory 4 (Recipe Guide)

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Cookies can be baked using an oven, and they have several uses in the game. Their main uses are:

  • Gifts for villagers
  • Regaining HP/RP
  • The Valentine’s Day and White Day events
Cookie Recipe
Level 38
Cooking Tool Oven
Ingredients Flour
Sweet Powder

Cookie Recipe Details

How to make a cookie / Rune Factory 4
How to make a cookie

The cookie recipe in RF4 is level 38 and requires:

  • Flour
  • Butter
  • An egg
  • Sweet Powder

It’s possible to make cookies without having unlocked the recipe in game, but that will use a much higher amount of RP than it would otherwise.

You can learn the cookie recipe by eating recipe bread. You can purchase cooking bread from Porcoline.

Since the cookie recipe is level 38, if your cooking level is 29 or lower, then your attempt will fail. This is because when cooking any dish, your cooking level will affect the outcome in the following ways:

  • Cooking a recipe with a level equal to or below your cooking level will always succeed
  • Cooking a recipe with a level 1-9 levels higher than your cooking level has a chance to either succeed or fail
  • Cooking a recipe 10+ levels higher than your cooking level will always fail

Getting the Ingredients


1. Oven

Buying an oven from Porcoline / Rune Factory 4
Buying an oven from Porcoline

It won’t matter if you collect all of the other ingredients if you don’t have an oven to bake them in!

The oven is a cooking tool you can buy from Porcoline. But in order to do that, there are other steps you will have to complete first.

Before being able to purchase an oven you will need to:

  • Obtain a cooking table from Porcoline, who will give it to you for free.
  • Obtain the EZ Cooking License. To do this you will need to give an order at the Order Symbol in the castle’s main room, and pass an exam. The order will cost 100 Prince/Princess Points. If you fail the exam your points will be refunded and you can try again! On passing the exam you will be able to purchase the knife, frying pan, and mixer.
  • Obtain the Pro Cooking License by giving an order like you did for the EZ Cooking License. This order will cost 500 points and will allow you to buy the pot, steamer, and the oven you need to bake cookies.

2. Flour

General store with flour circled in red / Rune Factory 4
General store with flour circled in red

Flour is a versatile ingredient that can be obtained one of two ways.

Method 1: You can buy flour from Doug or Blossom at the General Store for 320G. Flour you purchase will always be level 1.

Method 2: Flour can also be randomly obtained as an item drop, or in dungeons, and may be a higher level.


3. Sweet Powder

Sweet powder made with chemistry set / Rune Factory 4
Sweet powder made with chemistry set

Sweet Powder is a seasoning ingredient. You can either buy it from the General Store for 450G, or make your own using a Chemistry Set.

A Chemistry Set can be purchased from Jones or Nancy after you’ve given the order to obtain a Chemistry License, and the recipe for Sweet Powder can be learned from medicine bread sold by Porcoline.

Sweet Powder is a level 5 chemistry recipe, and will require one apple to make.


4. An Egg

Collecting egg produced by Cluckadoodle / Rune Factory 4
Collecting egg produced by Cluckadoodle

Eggs come from Cluckadoodles or Mamadoodles.

You can either defeat them (as they sometimes drop eggs) or you can tame them.

Tip: it’s a good idea to tame them since you’ll then have a regular source of eggs.

Tamed Cluckadoodles and Mamadoodles will produce one egg a day, and the size of the egg will depend on how friendly they are towards you. Brush them every day and ensure they have fodder to get higher levels (and bigger) eggs.


5. Butter

How to make butter / Rune Factory 4
How to make butter

In order to make butter you’ll need a mixer and milk.

Butter is a level 15 recipe, and the recipe can be learned from cooking bread.

You can purchase a mixer from Porcoline as soon as you have your EZ Cooking License.

Milk can be obtained from Buffamoos. And just like with eggs, you can either defeat or tame the Buffamoo to get milk.

Tamed Buffamoos will provide milk once per day, and the size and quality is determined by their level of friendship with you.


Uses for Cookies

Wondering what to do with your cookies once you’ve made them?

There are lots of options!


Villager Gifts

Giving Forte a cookie / Rune Factory 4
Giving Forte a cookie

Cookies make a great gift – the item description even says so!

Villagers who will especially appreciate some cookies include:

  • Kiel
  • Forte
  • Dolce
  • Illuminata
  • Clorica
  • Volkanon

Keep in mind not everyone is a fan of these sweet treats though. Dylas will not appreciate being gifted cookies or anything else sweet.


Eat Them Yourself

Eating a cookie / Rune Factory 4
Eating a cookie

Cookies can be eaten to regain health and rune points.

Whether you need to recover some health in combat, or have run out of rune points from too much mining or logging, cookies are a good option.

Eating a cookie has the following effect:

  • HP +4560
  • RP +1000
  • VIT +35

Valentine’s Day and White Day

Valentine’s Day and White Day are both in Autumn / Rune Factory 4
Valentine’s Day and White Day are both in Autumn

These two events are different depending on whether you’re playing as Lest or Frey, but both involve cookies!

Valentine’s Day is on Fall 12th, and is a festival where girls give out cookies. Any girl who the player is friendly towards will give them a cookie!

If you’re playing as Frey this is your chance to give out cookies as well.

If you’re playing as Lest and are in a relationship with a bachelorette, you can talk to her before the event to set up a time when she will give you cookies.

White Day is on Fall 25th, and this time it’s the boys’ turn to hand out cookies. Any guy the player gets along with will give them a cookie.

Anyone playing as Frey can arrange to meet with a bachelor she’s in a relationship with to receive cookies.

Those playing as Lest have the chance to repay all the cookies they got on Valentine’s Day.

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