How To Get an Axe & Hammer in Rune Factory 4

Lest with axe equipped in Selphia Farm (RF4)

The axe and hammer are obtained through Eliza’s quests, specifically “Make Lumber!” (for the axe) and “Make Material Stone!” (for the hammer). These are essential tools that are used to turn branches/stumps and stones/rocks into lumber and material stone in RF4.

Lumber and material stone are used for a variety of buildings, furniture and upgrades.

So the sooner you have access to these tools, the better!




Axe Requirements

To gain access to the “Make Lumber!” quest, you need to have completed these two quests first:

  1. First Task!
  2. How to place furniture!

Hammer Requirements

To gain access to the “Make Material Stone! quest, you need to have completed the following quests first:

  1. First Task!
  2. How to place furniture!
  3. Make Lumber!
  4. Make a shipment!
  5. Give an item!
  6. Purchase Rice!

How To Get an Axe & Hammer


Step 1: Accept the Request

Make Lumber! request / Rune Factory 4
Make Lumber! request

After completing the prerequisites mentioned in the section above, talk to Eliza and select the option “May I check the requests?”. If you have already completed the maximum amount of requests you are allowed to finish in one day, after sleeping, return to Eliza and accept the quest the next day.

If you’re looking for an axe, make sure the request is called “Make Lumber!

For the hammer, it’s “Make Material Stone!


Step 2: Pick up the Axe/Hammer

Lest holding an axe in Selphia Town Square / Rune Factory 4
Lest holding an axe in Selphia Town Square

After you finish reading through the quest dialogue, a Cheap Axe or a Cheap Hammer will spawn on the ground. Approach it and press “A” to pick it up and the “X” or “Y” buttons to “keep” it (in other words: put it in your backpack).

You now have an Axe!

Although you could technically stop here and not finish the quest, it is strongly recommended to finish the quest associated with the tool so that you can accept a new quest the next day.

The quest “Make Lumber!” also rewards you with the useful Lumber/Stone box. For a detailed guide on how to get the box & for beginner tips on how lumber and stone works, !


Axe/Hammer Uses

The main use of the axe and the hammer is to create lumber/material stone.

However, the hammer can also be used for mining in Rune Factory 4.

Lest standing in front of an Iron Mineral in Yokmir Forest with a hammer equipped / Rune Factory 4
Lest standing in front of an Iron Mineral in Yokmir Forest with a hammer equipped

Minerals are found outside of Selphia or inside dungeons and sometimes can even spawn in your fields at Selphia farm.

There are many types of Mineral Stone with the most obvious way of telling them apart is by looking at their accent color.

For example, in the image above there are three black Minerals (iron) and one purple Mineral (amethyst).


Upgrading Your Axe & Hammer

You can upgrade your axe and hammer after you have purchased a Forge and ordered a Forging License.

Funnily enough, you’ll need to put your axing and hammering skills to use to build one since it costs 3000G, 30 Lumber and 25 Stone Material.


Why Should I Upgrade?

Upgrading your tools is a big RP saver when it comes to Rune Factory 4.

As you upgrade your axe and hammer, you unlock the ability to charge your weapons. By charging your weapons, you can do a 3 hit combo and also increase the area that is affected when you swing your axe.

For example, after upgrading to an Iron Hammer or the Iron Axe, instead of hitting just the square in front of you, you will hit the 2×2 area in front of you.

Mining is also affected by your hammer level: the higher the level, the finer the mineral.

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