How To Move & Rotate Furniture in Rune Factory 4

Holding a Storage Box in RF4 Special

You can move a piece of furniture by interacting with it and choosing “Pick it up” from the menu, then you can set it down wherever you want it by pressing “A”. But unfortunately there’s no way to rotate furniture in RF4.

That said, moving and placing furniture can make your playthrough more personal and practical.

By moving furniture to locations that are more logical to your playstyle, not only will your locations tailor to your needs, but a carefully chosen location will also be a huge time saver in your daily routine!



The ability to move furniture has no prerequisites and is one of the few things you can do right from the start of the game.


How To Move Furniture

Lest looking at the Storage Box in Selphia: Town Square / Rune Factory 4
Lest looking at the Storage Box in Selphia: Town Square

Step 1: Find the Furniture

The first step is to find what you want to move.

Furniture that you can move has a blue diamond floating above the object, and when you get close enough to interact with it, the diamond will turn red.

Menu for interacting with items / Rune Factory 4
Menu for interacting with items

Step 2: Interact with the Furniture

When the diamond is red, click on the “A” button to interact with it. Then a menu will pop up.

Choose “Pick it up.”, and your character will hold the item over their head.

Tip: If there is no “Pick it up.” option in the menu, that means you cannot move the item. This is the case for many of the items throughout the town of Selphia, as well as your bed, your diary, and the tutorial menu board at the top right hand corner of your farm (near where the well’s initial placement is).

Lest holding the Storage Box in his Room / Rune Factory 4
Lest holding the Storage Box in his Room

Step 3: Move to the New Location

With the furniture still in your hands, move to the location where you want to place the furniture.

When you’ve found the perfect spot, press the “A” button to set it down in that spot.

Tip: Are you having trouble with placing the furniture in the right spot? Try moving your character with the D-pad instead of the joystick!

Placing the Storage Box via joystick vs placing the Storage Box via D-pad

Notice how in the first attempt (the previous image) that my Storage Box was pushed really far to the left when it was placed.

By using the D-pad, I was able to move Lest in short, precise movements – which allowed me to place it exactly where I wanted to: centered in front of the bed, between the bedposts.


How To Rotate Furniture

The short (and unfortunate) answer is that you cannot rotate furniture in Rune Factory 4.

This makes building the perfect room/farm a bit more challenging, but not impossible!


The Strategic Approach to Moving Furniture

Placing the storage chest near the shipping box / Rune Factory 4
Placing the storage chest near the shipping box

Although Rune Factory 4 does not dominate in the design department, one benefit of moving your furniture is that you can move your furniture to be in a more functional location.

For example, you could put your storage box next to your shipping box so that you can easily sort what you want to store for later, and then decide what you’ll sell that day, all without having to cross your farm.

Or maybe you prefer to plant your crops in the bottom right hand corner of the field. In this case, you can move your shipping box to also be on the right hand side of your farm so that you have to travel less to ship the fully grown crop.

Lest placing the Well at the Airship Way in Selphia / Rune Factory 4
Lest placing the Well at the Airship Way in Selphia

You can also place your own furniture throughout Selphia, in Selphia Plains and in the dungeon. This can be particularly useful if you want to bring your Storage Box with you for quick storage of monster drops or to retrieve healing items without having to return back to your Room.

Something to Consider:You cannot teleport when holding an item in your hands. So the further you take your furniture, the further you will have to walk back with it when you are done using it in that location.

Lest placing the Well in Selphia Plain / Rune Factory 4
Lest placing the Well in Selphia Plain

Breaking Items

Menu for interacting with items / Rune Factory 4
Menu for interacting with items

The other design option that comes up in the item interaction menu is “Break It.”

When you choose this option, your character will ask you if you really want to break this item, since once it’s broken, the action cannot be undone.

If you choose to break the item, materials will spawn where the furniture piece used to be.

For example, when the Well is broken, it gives one Wood and one Stone. This is much less than what is required to rebuild a Well, so it’s not recommended to break furniture unless you don’t need it anymore.

Warning: Some items cannot be rebuilt until you unlock the Furniture Store by earning a high enough title and issuing a Princess/Prince Order to open the store.

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