Rune Factory 4 Comparison: Switch vs. PC vs. 3DS (What’s The Best Version?)

Rune Factory 4 Special - Title Screen

The answer here is fairly simple – remasters and remakes are usually the best ways to experience a game. So Rune Factory 4 Special is generally the better option compared to the original 3DS version.

But which platform should you play RF4S on?

tl;dr – In short, the best platform to play RF4 Special is the Switch console version, while the PC/Steam version comes in a very close second. The Switch offers a more streamlined experience and runs RF4 smoother in both handheld and docked modes.

The PC version supports more features than the Switch version, but has been a bit buggy. Most of those bugs seem to be ironed out now, but there are still small reports of an audio bug or two.

The answer above is useful enough for most people – but if you’re looking for something more detailed, take a look at our comparison table below to see a list of differences between the versions of Rune Factory 4 & Rune Factory 4 Special.

We’ll look at the differences between RF4 and RF4S first, but feel free to skip to the end if you want to see a comparison table of all the differences!

A Closer Look at the Differences

Feature 3DS Nintendo Switch PC / Other Consoles
Rune Factory 4 Rune Factory 4 Special Rune Factory 4 Archival Edition Rune Factory 4 Special
Base Game
Newlywed Mode
Another Story DLC ✅ (bought separately)
“Veteran” Mode
4K Resolution Support
Swimsuit DLC
Support for mods
QoL Improvements

If 4k support matters, or if you want (unofficial) modding support? (like a mod that allows same sex marriage) – Go with the PC version. It’s worth noting that there aren’t many mods out there though.

Do you care about portability and comfort? The Switch version is the way to go! Unless you have a Steam deck.

If you want the Swimsuit Day DLC? (which makes it possible to have the bachelors/bachelorettes always in their swimsuit) – then unfortunately you’ll be paying a lot for it. This was a special DLC available only for those who preordered the game/as a physical “Archival Edition” for Switch. Even if you manage to find a copy, it will likely be super expensive.

Least expensive? Usually, the Steam version of the game is the least expensive. At the time of writing this article, the console versions are more expensive with the Switch being the most expensive (because the DLC needs to be bought separately).

RF4 vs. RF4S: What’s The Difference?

As someone who played the original RF4 on 3DS, I was super curious about the differences when Rune Factory 4 Special came out.

Turns out, there are enough differences to warrant a second playthrough!

The Switch version / Rune Factory 4
Comparison between the 3DS version (bottom) and the Switch version (top) / RF4
Comparison between the 3DS version (bottom) and the Switch version (top)

Here’s the extra stuff you get with Rune Factory 4 Special:


  • Quality of Life fixes
  • Bug Fixes
  • Changes to Arc 3 events that makes it easier to trigger
  • More save slots
  • Enhanced graphics

New Additions:

  • New cutscenes
  • New difficulty mode
  • New intro scene
  • Newlywed Mode – Extra content that you can unlock after marriage in the game
  • Another Episode – Fully voiced, illustrated stories for all the marriage candidates and Ventuswill
  • Swimsuit Day DLC – A DLC exclusive to Switch version preorders and the Archival Edition for Switch
  • Dual audio – You can choose between the Japanese and the English voiceovers!
Menu screen of RF4S showcasing the new additions / RF4
Menu screen of RF4S showcasing the new additions
Side-by-side comparison the 3DS version (left) and the Switch version (right) / Rune Factory 4
Side-by-side comparison of the 3DS version (left) and the Switch version (right)
3DS on top / RF4
Comparison showing the graphics overhauled (3DS on top, Switch on the bottom) / Rune Factory 4
Comparison showing the graphics overhauled (3DS on top, Switch on the bottom)

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