What is “Scatterbrain” in Rune Factory 4?

Character with scatterbrain title (RF4S)

“Scatterbrain” is a joke title that appears the first few times you enter the opposite gender’s bath in Rune Factory 4. You’ll see it in parentheses alongside a number at the bottom of your speech bubble.

This title doesn’t affect much in your gameplay. It’s a joke that since you entered the opposite bath, your character must be scatterbrained – the doors are clearly labeled, after all!

But this joke title changes if you enter the wrong bath over nine times, proving that you aren’t just scatterbrained. The textbox that appears will also list how many times your character has entered the incorrect bath.

Though it could be fun to enter many times, you should be careful. Because each time you enter the wrong bath you’ll lose Prince/Princess Points.

See our list below to see more details on the title names and how many points you lose.

Screenshot of the baths being labeled / Rune Factory 4
Screenshot of the baths being labeled

How To Check If Your Character is Scatterbrained

There are four joke titles that change depending on how many times you’ve entered the wrong bath.

To see your title, enter the Bell Hotel between 10:00 and 22:00 and walk up to the bath entrances. Then enter the right-hand bath if you chose a female character, or the left-hand bath if you chose a male character.

Note: changing your appearance to the opposite gender won’t change which bath you can enter “correctly”, since this is set when you first pick your character when starting the game.

And no matter how many times you enter, your character will always say “Whoa! Sorry, wrong room!”

Here’s a full list of all possible Scatterbrain titles and how much PP you’ll lose over time.

Number of times entering the wrong bath Title Prince/Princess Points lost
0-9 times Scatterbrain 5
10-49 times Suspect 50
50-99 times Obviously on purpose 500
100+ times Perverted prince/princess 5000

Note: Walking into the correct bath for your gender will never have a penalty, even if you enter with an opposite-gender follower!

Arthur can never be a perverted prince, it seems.

Arthur follower in the wrong bath / Rune Factory 4
Arthur follower in the wrong bath

All RF4 Scatterbrain Titles (Screenshots)

Scatterbrain title / Rune Factory 4
Scatterbrain title
Suspect title (after 24 times) / Rune Factory 4
Suspect title (after 24 times)
Obviously On Purpose title (after 50 times) / Rune Factory 4
Obviously On Purpose title (after 50 times)
Perverted Princess title (after 100+ times) / Rune Factory 4
Perverted Princess title (after 100+ times)

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