How To Get a Sickle in Rune Factory 4

Holding a Cheap Sickle in RF4 Special

The sickle is obtained through Selphia’s Request Box, Eliza, through the quest “Give an Item!”. This is an essential tool in Rune Factory 4 with various uses, such as helping you increase seed levels.



Since you can’t choose the order in which you complete quests in Rune Factory 4, you have to complete the following quests first before being able to access “Give an Item!”:

  • First Task!
  • How to place furniture!
  • Make Lumber!
  • Make a shipment!

How To Get a Sickle (Step-by-Step)

Accepting the Quest “Give an Item!” / Rune Factory 4
Accepting the Quest “Give an Item!”

Step 1: Accept the Quest “Give an Item!”

After completing the prerequisites mentioned above, talk to Eliza and select the option “May I check the requests?”.

If you’ve already completed the maximum amount of requests you’re allowed to complete in one day, then sleep and return to Eliza and accept the quest the next day.

After accepting the quest, your task is to give Clorica a turnip.

After reading through Eliza’s dialogue about the request, a turnip will drop on the ground in front of them which you can use to complete the quest.

Eliza warns you that if you lose the turnip (by shipping it or giving it to someone else) then you will have to acquire a new turnip on your own (by growing one yourself).

Selphia: Town Square / Rune Factory 4
Selphia: Town Square

Step 2: Find Clorica

After picking up the turnip off the ground, find Clorica and give her the turnip.

Remember: you can always open up the map in the bottom left corner by pushing the “LZ” shoulder button to easily find where Clorica is in Selphia.

Map of Selphia’s location (blue square marker) / Rune Factory 4
Map of Selphia’s location (blue square marker)

Just as an example, you can see in my map above that Clorica is currently in Carnation’s with Lin Fa.

Tip: Just like in my screenshot above, her sprite may be hidden behind someone else’s sprite. So look carefully!

Getting a Cheap Sickle inside Carnation’s / Rune Factory 4
Getting a Cheap Sickle inside Carnation’s

Step 3: Deliver the Turnip to Clorica

After you have found Clorica, if you’re not holding the turnip in your hands, take it out of your bag.

Give it to Clorica by approaching her and pressing “A” when the speech bubble appears over her head. The speech bubble will either be white if you have already talked to her or yellow if it is your first time interacting with her that day.

Red chest spawned with the Cheap Sickle inside / Rune Factory 4
Red chest spawned with the Cheap Sickle inside

Then after finishing the dialogue with Clorica, a red chest will spawn near your character.

Walk up to the chest, open it, and now you have yourself brand-new Cheap Sickle!

If you finished the quest but forgot to open the chest, the chest will still be in the same spot as where you finished the quest.

If you don’t see a chest spawn, make sure to thoroughly check the surrounding areas including blindspots on the map, like behind walls or objects.

This is the only way to get a sickle in Rune Factory 4. So make sure you grab it when you know where you ended the quest!


Sickle Uses

The sickle is used for clearing weeds and harvesting plants that sprout up in your fields, like Bamboo Shoots and Rune Flowers.

Harvesting crops with a sickle also helps increase the level of your seeds.

For example, if you plant a level 1 turnip and then harvest it with a sickle, the seed that appears in its place will be a level 2 seed. Rinse and repeat the process to achieve a maximum quality of level 10.

However, each sickle (Cheap, Iron, etc.) can only improve seed quality up to a certain level, with a “Quality Sickle” being the only sickle that can max out seed levels.

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