Complete Animal Pregnancy & Breeding Guide (SoS: FoMT)

Standing next to baby animals in the barn in Story of Seasons: FoMT

With breeding kits it’s possible to breed animals on your farm without having to buy new ones every time.

Animal Breeding Kits can be bought from both Lillia and Mugi in their respective stores. These breeding kids can be used to impregnate Cows, Sheep, Alpacas, and Angora Rabbits. For breeding new chickens, you’ll just want to place their eggs into the incubator in the coop to hatch more (no breeding kit required).

The cost of Breeding Kits is a lot cheaper than buying a new animal. Breeding your livestock is also the only way to raise new animals to their maximum heart level, which lets you harvest higher-quality products.

Buying Animal Breeding Kits

Breeding Kits are available in all the shops that sell livestock.

Mugi sells Cow, Sheep, and Alpaca Breeding Kits for 3,000 G each. His store, Yodel Ranch, is located on the southeastern side of Mineral Town, just below Rose Plaza.

Lillia will sell Rabbit Breeding Kits for 2,000 G. You can find PoPoultry to the right of your farm.

Map of Mineral Town with PoPoultry and Yodel Ranch labeled / SoS: FoMT
Map of Mineral Town with PoPoultry and Yodel Ranch labeled.

Breeding Kits will be available from the very start of the game.

Note: Chickens are the only animals that don’t need special breeding kits. To breed more chickens, you can just place any egg into the coop’s incubator. This allows you to hatch & breed unlimited Chickens quite easily.

How To Use Animal Breeding Kits

To use a Breeding Kit, equip it from the toolbox and interact with any breedable animal to use it.

The farmer uses the Breeding Kit on an Angora Rabbit / SoS: FoMT
The farmer uses the Breeding Kit on an Angora Rabbit.

The breeding will only be successful if the following requirements have been met:

  • The animal is a fully-grown adult
  • The animal has fully regrown its fur or fleece (irrelevant for Cows)
  • The coop has been upgraded to the Big Coop (for Angora Rabbits only)

During the pregnancy, the pregnant animal must be fed every day to shorten the pregnancy period.

Note: If the birth might occur on the same day as a festival or holiday, it will be moved to the next day in favor of the festival.

Animal Pregnancy Times

Here’s a quick table outlining the total time it’ll take for each type of animal to go through pregnancy and give birth:

Animal Pregnancy Time Baby Maturation Time
Cow 21-30 days 14-20 days
Angora Rabbit 5-10 days 10-15 days

The resulting baby will have one more available heart level than its parent. This means that breeding animals is the only way to ever have a barn/coop full of animals that can have up to 10 maximum heart levels.

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