SoS: FoMT Ball & Frisbee Toys: How They Work + Where To Get Them

Throwing the ball to a Pet Capybara on the farm (SoS:FoMT)

The Ball and Frisbee are toys that you can use to play with your farm pets. They can be purchased from Huang’s shop after Autumn 1st of Year 1.

Playing with your pets is important because it increases their relationship points quickly. If they reach a high enough skill level with the Frisbee, you can even enter them into the Fetch Fest Festival on Summer 1st, which can get you a Power Berry!

The farmer competes in the Fetch Fest Festival / SoS: FoMT
The farmer competes in the Fetch Fest Festival.

Where To Buy the Ball & Frisbee

To buy the Ball and Frisbee, just visit Huang inside Zack’s house on Mineral Beach.

Huang will have both items available for sale in his shop starting on Autumn 1st in Year 1.

Map of Mineral Town with an arrow to Zack’s house / SoS: FoMT
Map of Mineral Town with an arrow to Zack’s house.

The Ball costs 100 G and the Frisbee(Disc) costs 5,000 G, and you can only buy these items once.

Interface of Huang’s shop / SoS: FoMT
Interface of Huang’s shop.

After securing the toys, you can head back home to the farm to start playing with the pets.

How To Use the Ball

Using the Ball is much simpler than the Frisbee, and you can use it to play with pets of any age.

Just hold the Ball in your hands and use the action button to toss it near your pet.

The farmer plays fetch with a Capybara / SoS: FoMT
The farmer plays fetch with a Capybara.

Your pet will chase after the Ball and return it to you in a game of fetch. You can repeat this as many times as you want.

How To Use the Frisbee

The Frisbee can only be used by adult pets, which happens after they’ve been on your farm for at least 60 days. You also can’t play Frisbee during Winter.

To play Frisbee, go back to Mineral Beach and interact with the sign next to Kai’s cafe while the Frisbee is in your inventory. You can select any pet to play Frisbee with and they’ll be transported to the Beach.

The farmer plays Frisbee with their pet Penguin / SoS: FoMT
The farmer plays Frisbee with their pet Penguin.

The fetch minigame will start, and you can begin training the pet to chase longer and longer distances.

The red/green bar at the left side of the screen shows their progress.

Note: You can only play Frisbee a limited amount of times depending on your relationship with the pet.

Friendship Level Maximum Games Played
0 hearts Will refuse to play
1-2 hearts 1 game/day
3-4 hearts 2 games/day
5-7 hearts 3 games/day
8-9 hearts 4 games/day
10 hearts 5 games/day

Treasure on the Beach

There is also a small chance that your pet can dig up treasure while you’re playing the Disc/Frisbee game.

The following requirements need to be met for this to happen:

  • Your pet can fetch up to 30 meters or more
  • The progress bar is at least 50% green or more
  • The Frisbee is thrown when the line on the progress bar stops at the yellow area
  • There is an empty slot in the backpack
The farmer’s pet finds a hidden treasure in the sand / SoS: FoMT
The farmer’s pet finds a hidden treasure in the sand. Source

Depending on your luck, your pet can find any of these items:

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