Clinic Services + Shop Inventory (Story of Seasons: FoMT)

Standing near Doctor in the clinic in Story of Seasons: FoMT
Mineral Town Clinic
Shop Hours 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Days Open Every day except Wednesday
NPCs Doctor, Elly
Items Medicine

The Clinic in Mineral Town is where you can rest, buy stamina-restoring and fatigue-restoring medicine, or get a check-up from Doctor. The clinic is open every day except Wednesdays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

To get to Mineral Clinic, head up the path north of your farm and turn right at the very end. The Clinic is the light blue building between Jeff’s Store and the Church.

Map of Mineral Town with directions to the Clinic / Story of Seasons: FoMT
Map of Mineral Town with directions to the Clinic.

Inside the clinic you’ll find Doctor in his office, and Elly busy manning the front desk.

Interacting with Elly will open the Clinic shop where you can buy medicine.

Full Shop Inventory

Shop interface at the Clinic / Story of Seasons: FoMT
Shop interface at the Clinic.
Clinic Shop Inventory
Item Unlock Requirement Cost Effect
Stamina Booster None 500 G Restores 50 stamina
Caffeine None 1,000 G Restores 20 fatigue
Stamina Booster XL Ship a total of 50 Blue Grass 1,000 G Restores 100 stamina
Super Caffeine Ship a total of 50 Green Grass 2,000 G Restores 50 fatigue

Stamina Booster XL and Super Caffeine are items that only become available in Elly’s shop once you ship 50 Blue Grass and Green Grass.

Blue Grass can be foraged around the forests of Mineral Town during Spring and Summer.

On the other hand, Green Grass can be found growing on Mother’s Hill in Summer and Autumn.

How To Get a Check-up

The farmer gets a check-up from Doctor / Story of Seasons: FoMT
The farmer gets a check-up from Doctor.

A check-up doesn’t really do anything important in-game, but Doctor will tell you the exact values of your stamina and fatigue meters. So this can be worth the cost if you’re really curious.

Each check-up will cost 10 G and does not have any restorative benefits.

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