SoS: FoMT Coffee Cow Guide (How To Get + Uses)

Standing next to a mature coffee cow (SoS:FoMT)

A coffee cow is a special type of cow that has a brown or chocolate appearance.

Unlike normal cows which produce regular milk, these ones produce coffee milk.

The farmer holds coffee milk while standing next to the coffee cow / SoS: FoMT

How To Get a Coffee Cow

There are two different ways to get a coffee cow.

You can either:

  • Buy it from Mugi at Yodel Ranch, or
  • Breed one on your farm

Breeding your own coffee cow is only possible when you’ve already purchased a coffee cow before, and it has reached full maturity.

1. Purchasing from Yodel Ranch

If you’ve never had a coffee cow before, the only place you can find one is at Yodel Ranch.

The ranch is located at the bottom right portion of Mineral Town, below the beach.

You can access it directly from the town square, from the southeastern workshop path, or by following the brick road above your farm to the east.

The Yodel Ranch is open every day from 10 AM to 3 PM, except on Mondays.

The exterior of Yodel Ranch / SoS: FoMT

You don’t need to complete any in-game events in order to buy a coffee cow, since they’re already available at the ranch from the start of the game.

To buy a coffee cow you’ll need two things:

  • 10,000 G
  • At least one free space available in your barn

There are no other prerequisites needed in order to buy a coffee cow.

However, just like the other specialty animals, they’re very expensive (at twice the cost of a regular cow), so buy at your own risk.

The shop menu at Yodel Ranch with the coffee cow selected, priced at 10,000 G / SoS: FoMT
The shop menu at Yodel Ranch with the coffee cow selected, priced at 10,000 G

2. Breeding

Mugi sells Cow Breeding Kits at Yodel Ranch for only 3,000 G.

This is much cheaper compared to buying a new calf, although it does take a bit more effort to raise them.

Shop menu at Yodel Ranch with Cow Breeding Kit selected / SoS: FoMT
The shop menu at Yodel Ranch with the Cow Breeding Kit selected, priced at 3,000 G

To use the Cow Breeding Kit, simply equip it as a tool and select the coffee cow you want to impregnate. Make sure the following requirements are met:

  • There is enough space in the barn for a new animal
  • The cow you’re trying to breed is already mature or producing milk

If these requirements aren’t met, the breeding will fail.

When you buy a calf from Mugi, you can only max out their friendship at 5 hearts.

This will limit the quality of the products you get from your coffee cows, so breeding is a good alternative to get more profit.

Interface of the animal relationship tab with coffee cow’s profile / SoS: FoMT

For each new generation of coffee cows born on the farm, they get an additional heart level until a maximum of 10 hearts is reached.

How To Take Care of a Coffee Cow

After you get your new coffee cow on the farm, you have to raise them properly before they give you any milk.

Coffee cows, like every other cow, will mature after 14 days if you don’t do anything to them.

If you feed them every day and take care of them, they mature faster: after only 9 days if you’re consistent.

The farmer places fodder into the barn silo, which acts as storage for the cows’ food / SoS: FoMT
The farmer places fodder into the barn silo, which acts as storage for the cows’ food

Fodder can be harvested by equipping your sickle and harvesting fully grown grass.

You’ll usually find this grass growing in random places on your farm. After you harvest fodder from the grass, place it in the silo and you’ll be able to access it from inside the barn.

Item selling menu at Yodel Ranch with fodder selected for 20 G each / SoS: FoMT
Item selling menu at Yodel Ranch with fodder selected for 20 G each

If you run out of grass, you can buy some fodder from Mugi at 20 G each.

You can also buy grass seeds from Jeff at the General Store for 500 G.

Here are some other things you can do daily to increase your friendship points with your coffee cow:

1. Talking to them

The farmer talks to the coffee calf / SoS: FoMT

If you want to make quick friends with your cow, talk to them at least once every day.

Sometimes they’ll moo back to let you know they appreciate it!

2. Brushing them

As the farmer brushes the coffee cow, a heart dialogue box pops up / SoS: FoMT

Equip the brush tool and brush your coffee cow at least once a day to increase friendship points. You can do this for all your animals!

Your cow will react with a heart to tell you how much they love you.

3. Hand feeding

The farmer manually feeds a coffee cow / SoS: FoMT

Feeding your coffee cow every day is the best way to make sure they grow up and produce milk.

You can place fodder in the feeding troughs or leave your cow outside, but the best way is to manually hand-feed because it gives extra friendship points.

4. Letting them outside

The farmer outside the barn ringing the cow bell / SoS: FoMT

Let your cows graze outside in sunny weather!

They’ll only go out when you ring the bell, and if it’s sunny or snowy. At 8 PM every day, they’ll automatically make their way back inside to sleep.

Don’t make them go outside in the winter, though.

This will make them unhappy and they won’t be able to produce any milk.

Coffee Cow Milk

Coffee cows can only produce milk once they’re fully mature.

This coffee milk can’t be processed into other dairy products, though.

The farmer holds a jug of (S) coffee milk / SoS: FoMT

Once your coffee cow reaches full maturity, you can finally start milking them.

It works just like any other cow: equip the milker and stand next to your coffee cow to interact with it.

The milker can be bought from Saibara for 3,000 G.

Saibara is located inside The Forge, which is just above your farm at the western side of Mineral Town.

The town map with the Forge encircled / SoS: FoMT
The town map with the Forge encircled

The quality and selling price of the coffee milk is dependent on the cow’s heart level.

You can also unlock better prices by completing certain in-game events, like the Moo Moo Festival.

Coffee Milk Selling Guide
Size/Quality Heart Level/Requirements Selling Price
S 0-3 hearts 120 G
M 4-7 hearts 240 G
L 8-10 hearts 400 G
G 8-10 hearts + Winning the Moo Moo Festival 550 G
P 8-10 hearts + Winning the Moo Moo Festival + 1,000 hours outside 660 G
X 8-10 hearts (1 in 255 chance for every P milk produced) 900 G

The prices listed above are for the Normal game mode. If you’ve chosen to play in Simple mode, they’ll sell for a bit more gold.

What To Do With Coffee Milk

Don’t just sell your coffee milk! You can give it to villagers as a gift. Unfortunately, there are no recipes that include coffee milk, so you’ll have to use it as is.


Use this table below to find out who you should give coffee milk to.

You can also gift some on a villager’s birthday to get a friendship point boost!

Coffee Milk Gifting Guide
Gift Reaction Love Points Friendship Points Villager
Love +500 +9 Anna, Carter, Dudley, Ellen, Elly, Lillia, Manna
Like +300 +3 Brandon, Cliff, Doctor, Gotts, Harvest Goddess, Jennifer, Kai, Mei, Mugi, Popuri, Ran, Saibara, Thomas, Yu

Are Coffee Cows Worth It?

When placed against regular cow’s milk, coffee milk is much more expensive – but it also can’t be processed into cheese.

That’s one of the main drawbacks of buying a coffee cow, or any other specialty cow.

If you just want to make as much money as possible and don’t care about having cute animals, don’t get the coffee cow!

But if you’re a coffee enthusiast and have always dreamed of having an organic coffee maker…

A coffee calf next to a strawberry calf in the barn / SoS: FoMT
A coffee calf next to a strawberry calf in the barn

Honestly, coffee cows are worth it just for the novelty.

They’re adorable and just want to have a good time on your farm, which is what Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is all about.

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