How To Get Cursed Tools in SoS: FoMT

Holding the Cursed Sickle in SoS:FoMT

On certain levels of the Lake Mine, you might randomly find a cursed version of the tools that you have in your bag. Each tool can appear when you’re tilling dirt on predefined floors of the mine.

Here’s a list of each Cursed Tool and which level of the Lake Mine you can find them on:

Cursed Tool Level
Cursed Fishing Rod 29
Cursed Hoe 39
Cursed Axe 49
Cursed Hammer 59
Cursed Watering Can 69
Cursed Sickle 79

Don’t worry though; Cursed Tools aren’t a bad thing at all. That just means that you’ve discovered a new type of enhancement for your tools.

Cursed Tools are the third most powerful upgrades you can unlock in the game. You can get your tasks done a lot more quickly, but the downside is that they cost 5x as much stamina and can’t be unequipped normally.

These tools can be found on different floors (listed above), and they each have different qualities once you obtain them.

Check out this quick guide for info on all the cursed tools in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town!


There are only two requirements to be able to collect a Cursed Tool:

Have Mithril-level tools and have access to the Lake Mine.

1. Mithril Upgrades

First of all, you have to upgrade all your tools to Mithril status (Level 5 upgrade).

Saibara, the town blacksmith, will upgrade your tools to Mithril if you bring him the following items:

  • A tool (any level) with at least 100% experience
  • 5,000 G
  • Mithril Ore (one per tool)
Saibara upgrades the farmer’s axe to Mithril / SoS: FoMT
Saibara upgrades the farmer’s axe to Mithril.

Once you’ve successfully upgraded all your Mithril tools, you can now officially start the Cursed Tools questline.

2. Unlocking the Lake Mine

To actually find a cursed tool, you’ll need to get to the Lake Mine first. This is the mine situated in the middle of Kappa’s lake.

Since your farmer can’t swim, the mine entrance will be inaccessible until Winter rolls around every year.

When the lake freezes over, you’ll be able to cross the ice and enter the Lake Mine.

The farmer stands on Kappa’s lake in Winter / SoS: FoMT
The farmer stands on Kappa’s lake in Winter.

One way to get around this is to uncover the Travel Stone on Level 255 of the Spring Mine.

This stone will let you teleport to anywhere in Mineral Town.

The farmer stands in front of the Lake Mine entrance in Spring while holding a Travel Stone / SoS: FoMT
The farmer stands in front of the Lake Mine entrance in Spring while holding a Travel Stone.

Simply equip this tool and click on Kappa’s lake to immediately get transported to the mine entrance. Do this trick to access the Lake Mine in any season.

Finding the Cursed Tools

Each Cursed Tool can be found on their own separate levels. To save time and effort, try unlocking the mine elevator first so you can just skip to the level you want.

The mine elevator is installed after you offer 100 liked or loved gifts to the Harvest Goddess.

The farmer stands in front of the Lake Mine elevator / SoS: FoMT
The farmer stands in front of the Lake Mine elevator.

The Cursed Tools are hidden in the following levels:

Cursed Tool Level
Fishing Rod 29
Hoe 39
Axe 49
Hammer 59
Watering Can 69
Sickle 79

Note: A Cursed Tool will not appear if your toolbag is full, so make sure you have an extra spot in the bag before venturing out to find one!

And be careful with switching tools after obtaining one – because when you equip a Cursed Tool, it can’t be unequipped unless you remove the curse. This is done by performing actions to “Bless” it.

You can also pay Carter 1,000 G to temporarily unequip your Cursed Tool. Simply visit him at Mineral Church’s confession booth and ask him to remove it from your equipped tool slot.

The farmer stands in front of Carter’s confession booth / SoS: FoMT
The farmer stands in front of Carter’s confession booth.

To permanently break the curse, though, you’ll need to complete a specific action for each separate tool.

What To Do With Cursed Tools

Collecting all Cursed Tools (and removing the curses afterward) is a requirement for unlocking Mythic Ore in the Spring Mine.

That’s not all they do, though.

The Cursed upgrade actually gives your tools a very powerful boost. You’ll be able to destroy all rocks and debris in a room with a single command, till enormous plots of land, and break large boulders in one swing.

The farmer uses a Cursed Axe to clear the farm of debris / SoS: FoMT
The farmer uses a Cursed Axe to clear the farm of debris.

The catch to this is that they’re very expensive to use in terms of stamina and fatigue. You will gain +10 fatigue every time you use a Cursed Tool, and you’ll spend excessive amounts of stamina per swing (75-100 STA).

This is why it’s essential to remove the curse and “bless” them as soon as possible, because it leaves you with the same effectiveness but a fraction of the stamina cost.

Cursed Tool Upgrades
Tool Ability Stamina Cost (Max Charge) How to Remove Curse
Cursed Hoe Till a 6×5 plot of land -75 STA Pay Carter to Bless it 5 times
Cursed Watering Can Water a 6×9 plot of land
Cursed Fishing Rod Catch Guardian Fish and treasure -2 STA Use 50 times
Cursed Axe Chop all stumps and branches on the entire map at once -100 STA
Cursed Hammer Break all stones on the entire map at once +
Break large boulders in one hit
-75 STA Keep equipped for 5 days
Cursed Sickle Cut a 7×7 area of grass

All of this might seem like more trouble than it’s worth, but you’ll definitely be rewarded by sticking this out.

Achieving all Cursed and Blessed Tools are the final prerequisite to mining Mythic Ore – and the gateway to upgrading your tools to the final and most powerful level.

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