How To Feed Chickens & Rabbits in SoS: FoMT

Putting chicken feed into the coop feeding bins (SoS:FoMT)

The coop animals (Chickens and Angora Rabbits) in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town need to be fed with Chicken/Rabbit Feed every day. This feed allows them to mature into adult animals that regularly produce eggs and fur.

Feeding is especially important for chickens because they will only lay Eggs if they’ve been fed the day before. But how do you actually know if they’re eating the feed?

Feeding Chickens and Rabbits

Hold a bag of Chicken/Rabbit Feed from your inventory and press the action button while standing next to a hungry chicken.

You’ll know you managed to feed them successfully if a heart dialogue box pops up from the animal. If they won’t accept it, they’ve likely already been fed.

The farmer hand-feeds a chicken / SoS: FoMT
The farmer hand-feeds a chicken.

If you have a lot of coop animals, you can also just dump the feed into the feeding bins and refill it daily. This will save you some time and also ensure that each animal has access to food.

Where To Get Chicken/Rabbit Feed

Source #1: Water Mill

You can make your own Chicken/Rabbit Feed by processing Corn in the Water Mill – the building right next to the Coop.

Just throw in some Corn via the outdoor chute and collect your bags of feed.

The farmer drops a stack of Corn into the Water Mill / SoS: FoMT
The farmer drops a stack of Corn into the Water Mill.

One ear of Corn will produce 30 bags of Chicken/Rabbit feed, making this the most cost-effective option if you keep a lot of coop animals.

Source #2: Buying from PoPoultry

Unlike fodder, Chicken/Rabbit Feed can only be bought from Lillia’s shop at PoPoultry. She sells each bag of feed for 20 G each.

The farmer buys Chicken/Rabbit Feed from Lillia at PoPoultry / SoS: FoMT
The farmer buys Chicken/Rabbit Feed from Lillia at PoPoultry.

This can be quite expensive in the long run, so try to use the Water Mill as much as possible to save on costs.

Storing Chicken/Rabbit Feed

To keep the excess feed, you can deposit it in the Water Mill which can store up to 999 pieces. If you want to take some out, interact with the mill chute to withdraw a stack of 9 bags.

The farmer holds up Chicken/Rabbit Feed next to the Mill / SoS: FoMT
The farmer holds up Chicken/Rabbit Feed next to the Mill.

Keep in mind that leaving the animals to graze outside will automatically feed them if you have Wild Grass growing on the farm.

If you allow them to stay outside, skip the manual feeding since it will just disappear the next day without being eaten.

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