How To Raise Field Levels in SoS: FoMT

Standing in a field of corn in SoS:FoMT

After Year 1, Field levels will be unlocked for purchase from Gotts. You can upgrade to a new Field Level each year until you max out your field soil at level 5.

Since the fertilizer mechanic has been removed in this Story of Seasons release, the only way you can increase the quality of your crops is to upgrade your field. These upgrades are measured in “field levels”.

How To Buy Field Level Upgrades

Buying field soil upgrades is simple. Just head to Gotts’ workshop near the bottom part of the map. You can access his house from the south bridge on your farm, or the bridge to the left of Yodel Ranch.

Gotts offers to upgrade the field to Level 2. / Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
Gotts offers to upgrade the field to Level 2.

The first field upgrade (Level 2) will cost you 20,000 G and it scales up from there.

Field Level Year Unlocked Cost Maximum Quality Produced
2 Year 2 or later 20,000 G 3-star quality
3 Year 3 or later 50,000 G 4-star quality
4 Year 4 or later 100,000 G 5-star quality
5 Year 5 or later 300,000 G 5-star quality

The maximum level your farm can have is Level 5. Each upgrade increases the chances of harvesting a high-quality crop.

Why Are Field Levels Important?

Upgrading your farm is the only way you can guarantee a higher quality when harvesting your crops.

Since produce quality isn’t affected by factors such as weather, watering frequency, or fertilizers, this is the best thing you can do to maximize your crop’s output.

Star quality is important in this game because it affects sell price and cooking mechanics. More notably:

  • The higher the quality of your produce, the more profit you can earn from it.
  • Cooking with higher-quality ingredients can also make you learn recipes faster.
The farmer learns the recipe for Oden. / Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
The farmer learns the recipe for Oden.

There’s no guaranteed way to have 5-star crops every single harvest. So even with a max field level you won’t get 5-star crops 100% of the time.

But having a high field level increases the likelihood of landing a good batch.

For example, while a Level 4 field can already produce 5-star crops, upgrading for the last time to Level 5 can further boost your chances for a more consistently high-quality harvest.

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