SoS: FoMT Garnet (Uses + How To Get It)

Holding a Garnet Gem in SoS:FoMT
Mine Lake Mine
Levels Found All levels except Levels 50, 100, 150, and 200
Spawn Rate 0.4-15.6%
Sell Price 75 G
Special Uses None

Garnet is a classic red gem that you can mine in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. They can be found from the very first level of the Lake Mine, making them one of the easier minerals to get for gifting and selling.

How To Get Garnet

Gems like Garnet can only be found by breaking rocks with your Hammer at the Lake Mine. Just keep digging and smashing until you finally find a piece of Garnet.

Tip: You’re more likely to find a Garnet on levels that end in the numbers 6 or 7.

The farmer finds a Garnet in the Lake Mine. / Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
The farmer finds a Garnet in the Lake Mine.

Also, upgrading the Hammer to the Cursed/Blessed or Mythic level can allow you to charge it and simultaneously break all the boulders on the map, saving you a lot of time while farming for gems.

Remember that you can only access the Lake Mine during Winter, when Kappa’s lake freezes over.

In later stages of the game, though, you can find a Travel Stone on Level 255 of the Spring Mine which will allow you to instantly teleport anywhere in Mineral Town on a whim.

Garnet Uses

Gifting Garnets

It’s almost Garnet-eed that this precious gem is a choice gift for more than a few villagers in Mineral Town!

Check out this quick gifting guide to find out who you can give Garnet to as a present.

The farmer gives Manna a Garnet. / Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
The farmer gives Manna a Garnet.
Villager Birthday Type of Gift Friendship/Love Points Earned
Marriage Candidates
Gray Winter 6th Loved +9 FP, +500 LP
Elly Spring 16th Liked +3 FP, +300 LP
Ran Summer 17th
Karen Autumn 15th
Huang Winter 19th
Marie Winter 20th
Sasha Spring 30th Liked +3 FP
Manna Autumn 11th
Anna Autumn 23rd
Ellen Winter 13th
Mei Winter 26th
Nature Sprites
Blueberry Spring 15th Loved +9 FP
Aqua Spring 26th
Mint Summer 16th
Cherry Autumn 14th Liked +3 FP

Selling Garnet Gems

Garnets can be sold to either Zack or Huang for 75 G.

To sell your Garnet to Zack, simply drop your gems into the Shipping Bin and wait for him to pick them up at 5:00 PM every day.

As usual for Huang, you’ll need to head to his shop and talk to him over the counter.

The farmer drops a Garnet into the Shipping Bin. / Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
The farmer drops a Garnet into the Shipping Bin.

While selling to Huang might feel tempting to do all the time, remember that selling your Garnet via the Shipping Bin will count towards the list of shippable items you need to achieve for full completion.

This is important because shipping all possible items is a requirement for marrying either Kappa or the Harvest Goddess.

You can track your progress by checking the Shipping List on your bookshelf.

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