SoS: FoMT Green Grass Forage Guide (All Locations)

Holding Green Grass in the Secret Forest in SoS:FoMT
Green Grass
Season Summer/Autumn
Location Summer: Bamboo Thicket, Hill Path, Hot Spring, Meadow, Secret Forest

Autumn: Bamboo Thicket, Hot Spring

Sell Price 30 G
Food Buffs -2 FAT
Special Uses Recipes

Green Grass is one type of colored grass that can be used in fatigue-restoring recipes. They can be harvested during Summer and Autumn as forageable items, or as random drops by using the Sickle on grass in your field.

Where To Find Green Grass

Green Grass can be found in several locations during the Summer. During Autumn, they usually grow around Mother’s Hill.

We’ve listed every location below & marked them all on the map to help you find your next bundle of Green Grass:

  1. Bamboo Thicket – south of the lake below Jennifer’s tent
  2. Hill Path (Summer only) – the path and bridge leading to the Summit
  3. Hot Spring – the area in front of the Harvest Goddess’ waterfall
  4. Meadow (Summer only) – the area to the left after crossing the bridge above Mother’s Lake
  5. Secret Forest (Summer only) – in the center of Mineral Town
Interface of the Town Map with the forageable locations highlighted / SoS: FoMT
Interface of the Town Map with the forageable locations highlighted.

New Green Grass will respawn almost every day when they’re in season, so make sure to visit whenever you’re in the area.

Sometimes, using the Sickle to clear the weeds on your farm will yield a specific colored grass depending on the season. Green Grass will drop from the debris if you’re lucky.

The farmer finds Green Grass in the weeds / SoS: FoMT
The farmer finds Green Grass in the weeds.

Green Grass Uses

As Food

Green Grass will reduce a small amount of fatigue when consumed. However, it will not affect the player’s stamina.

Stamina Recovery Fatigue Recovery
+0 STA -2 FAT

In Recipes

The farmer cooks Super Caffeine in the kitchen / SoS: FoMT
The farmer cooks Super Caffeine in the kitchen.
Dish Ingredients Equipment Needed
Relax Tea Leaves Blue Grass, Green Grass, Green Grass, Yellow Grass, Orange Grass, Purple Grass, Indigo Grass, Weed Knife, Frying Pan
Super Caffeine Caffeine, Green Grass Mixer

Gifting Green Grass

The farmer gives Doctor Green Grass / SoS: FoMT
The farmer gives Doctor Green Grass.
Villager Birthday Type of Gift Friendship/Love Points Earned
Marriage Candidates
Doctor Autumn 19th Loved +9 FP, +500 LP
Rick Autumn 27th Liked +3 FP, +300 LP
Lillia Spring 19th Loved +9 FP
Basil Summer 11th
Dudley Winter 11th
Lou Liked +3 FP
Nature Sprites
Mint Summer 16th Loved +9 FP
Plum Spring 4th Liked +3 FP
Blueberry Spring 15th
Aqua Spring 26th
Sunny Autumn 10th
Cherry Autumn 14th
Pumpkin Winter 22nd

Selling Green Grass

Green Grass can be sold to either Zack or Huang for around 30 G.

Shipping Bin

To sell Green Grass to Zack, simply drop the item into the Shipping Bin and wait for him to pick them up at 5:00 PM every day.

The farmer drops Green Grass into the Shipping Bin / SoS: FoMT
The farmer drops Green Grass into the Shipping Bin.

Selling Green Grass via the Shipping Bin will count towards the list of shippable items you need to achieve for full completion.

Tip: Shipping 50 each of the Blue and Green Grasses will unlock Stamina Booster XL and Super Caffeine from Mineral Clinic. You can buy them from Elly when you visit the Clinic and interact with her to open her shop!

Huang’s Shop

You can also choose to bring your Green Grass over to Huang. To sell to Huang, hold the item in your hands and interact with him over the counter.

The farmer sells Green Grass to Huang / SoS: FoMT
The farmer sells Green Grass to Huang.

He will actually pay you a higher price for forageables that are not in season. For Summer forageables, you’ll get an additional 10% during Winter and 20% in the Spring.

Since Green Grass can also be foraged in Autumn, they will sell for 10% more in the Summer as well.

Green Grass Selling Price (Huang)
Normal Sell Price Spring Summer Winter
30 G 36 G 33 G 33 G

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