SoS: FoMT Kappa Gifts Guide + Marriage Requirements

The farmer standing next to Kappa (SoS:FoMT)

Kappa is a mythical being that lives in Mother’s Lake. His birthday is on Spring 8th. If you set your farmer’s birthday on the same day, his birthday will be on Spring 9th instead.

He has the same birthday as the Harvest Goddess, so that’s easier to remember if you’re trying to befriend both characters at the same time.


Kappa only stays in Mother’s Lake year-round. Unlike the Harvest Goddess’ waterfall, though, the lake will freeze over in Winter which makes him inaccessible.

You can only give gifts to Kappa in the Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

The farmer stands in front of the lake mine while holding a cucumber / SoS: FoMT
The farmer stands in front of the lake mine while holding a cucumber.

Gift Preferences

Kappa’s response when the farmer gives him a cucumber / SoS: FoMT
Kappa’s response when the farmer gives him a cucumber.

Kappa only accepts Cucumbers as a gift. Every other item is considered as trash or litter that you throw into his lake and will net you LP deductions.

Cucumbers can only be grown in Spring, so it’s best to keep a stockpile of them for use in Summer and Autumn.

Best Gifts for Each Season

The farmer harvests Cucumber from a Cucumber field / SoS: FoMT
The farmer harvests Cucumber from a Cucumber field.
Season Item Where to Find It
Year-round Cucumber Harvest from Cucumber crops every 5 days after 9 days of growth. Cucumber Seeds can be bought from the General Store for 200 G

Marriage Requirements

Kappa’s dialogue during one of his heart events / SoS: FoMT
Kappa’s dialogue during one of his heart events. / Image source

Kappa is a special marriage candidate, meaning he doesn’t have the regular heart events that the normal bachelors and bachelorettes have.

But you can directly propose to him after you’ve completed all of his marriage requirements! Just drop a Blue Feather into Mother’s Lake like you’re offering a gift, and you’ll be able to get married from there.

Kappa’s marriage requirements are more or less the same as the Harvest Goddess’, so they’ll require a lot of time and effort to finish.

Check out this list below to see the requirements and some additional tips to complete them faster.

Marriage Requirement How To Complete
6,000 LP or more (Red Heart Level) 1. Offer a cucumber to Kappa every day
2. Wrap your gifts for extra Love Points
3. His heart level will slowly decrease during Winter, so make up for the lost points by visiting him a lot the rest of the year!
Upgraded house with the Big Bed

Buy the Big House upgrade from Gotts for 10,000 G

Materials needed: 600 Lumber, 250 Material Stone

Confess your interest in him Give the Harvest Goddess 20 gifts & select Kappa’s name when she asks you if you’re interested in any marriage candidate in the town
Reach Year 5 Play the game until you get to Year 5
Ship all items

Throw at least one of every item you obtain into Zack’s shipping bin. Check your progress via the Shipping Log.

You’ll also need to ship some items not listed in the Shipping Log, namely: Ancient Fossil, Boot, Bracelet, Branch, Brooch, Chicken Feed, Earrings, Empty Can, Fish Bone, Fodder, Lumber, Material Stone, Necklace, Pirate Treasure, Rabbit Feed, Relax Tea Leaves, Stone, Weed

Earn the Master Angler achievement (Catch all fish) 1. Receive the fishing pole from Zack
2. Catch all types of fish at least once regardless of size
3. Upgrade the fishing pole at Saibara’s Forge to unlock more fish
Find every item in the Spring and Lake Mines Explore both mines until Floor 255 (the last level). No need to ship the items, just find them.
Obtain Carter’s blessing 1. Visit Carter at the Church on Monday, Wednesday, or a rainy/snowy day
2. Confess to him that you would like to marry Kappa
3. Receive his blessing to court Kappa
Collect the Kappa Gem Explore the Spring Mine and complete all 9 Kappa Orbs. The Kappa Orbs can be found on Floors 0, 40, 60, 80, 120, 140, 160, 180, and 255 of the Spring Mine only.

Marriage/Friendship Perks

The farmer marries Kappa at the Church / SoS: FoMT
The farmer marries Kappa at the Church. / Image source

Kappa is a special marriage candidate. Marrying him requires you to collect 9 Kappa Orbs, which fuse together into a Kappa Gem that restores your fatigue when equipped.

Also, throwing cucumbers into Kappa’s lake for 10 consecutive days will prompt him to give you a Mysterious Power Berry. This Power Berry cuts your rate of fatigue in half.

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